Exclusive Interview: Faith Evans Defends Kelly Price & Talks Biggie, Too Fat For Fame & Her Weight Struggles

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Faith Evans showed up to support her friend Kelly Price’s new positive reality show, ‘Too Fat For Fame.‘  As we previously reported,  Kelly is the mastermind behind a new competition reality show for young and talented people that have been told that they are too big to succeed in the entertainment industry.  I had the privilege of hosting the one day live audition in Hollywood, CA and it was an honor to witness some of the most incredible talent I’ve ever seen!  The kids were lined up for their shot at fame and we had SO MUCH FUN preparing for the competition and singing our favorite Kelly Price and Faith Evans songs!

Kelly lined up an incredible panel of judges including choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, comedian Luenell, herself, Musical Director Shep Crawford, Faith Evans and several other fabulous experts. Faith was on hand to give each contestant both her opinion and her advice.  Let’s be honest, receiving advice from a panel like this can be priceless!


cherise nicole & too fat for fame cast

Faith Evans spoke to me about the contestants, her struggles with weight, how Notorious B.I.G felt about his weight and her opinion of Kelly Price.  In response to all of the negative coments about Kelly from R&B Divas L.A., she reminds viewers that EVERYTHING WE SEE ON TV IS NOT ALWAYS REALITY!

How Do You Feel About Kelly Price?

“Just to kind of speak on the character of her, I will just say this much, I know there’s been so much being said about her in the media based on things that people see, but you know..I said it on one of my songs, everything ain’t what it seems just because it’s on tv! And you know, I’m not gonna get into the back and forth of it but, she is a great person with a great heart and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen that side of her that I’ve seen.  You know, only in handling her business and I’m led to believe that’s what she was doing in that moment, so.”

Everyone Has ‘That’ Side To Them:

“You ain’t gonna set me up!  You ain’t gonna see me doing that, BUT , you know. I feel like she ain’t see it coming.  But, you know God knows who she is and I always tell her that. You know it may be hard, when it’s happening, but you really can’t be concerned about it.  God knows who you are, you know who you are and the people that love you, know who you are.”


Watch the interview below:

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  • Jaye Butts is remarkable. I pray he is blessed to be victorious, in Jesus Name.

  • Cher Moses

    Duprice Scruggs Will Fit Perfect On The Show. When You Meet Him You’ll Know What Im Talking About! He Will Not Disappoint You!

  • Sherrod Sellars

    I really can’t blame Kelly for wearing dress that’s too small. there is a lot going on behind the scenes too bad. poor Kelly!