Exclusive Interview: Eva Marcille & EJ King Talk Kevin McCall & Eva’s New Man

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Eva Marcille and EJ King

Cover Girl and actress Eva Marcille has had a successful career in front of the camera. And her best friend E.J. King found success as an A list stylist who’s client list includes Chris Brown. The pair starred in the hit BET reality series ‘About the Business,’ and they were on hand to attend BET’s ceo, Debra Lee’s Pre Cocktail Party during BET Weekend.

Eva has been in the news lately due to a few public disputes with the father of her daughter, Marley, recording artist Kevin McCall. The two have been arguing over everything from how often he gets to see their daughter to what type of father he is. And E.J. King has chimed in a few times to air out his dis-pleasure with McCall as well. Eva and Kevin ended their relationship soon after their daughter was born and Eva put out a restraining order against him, citing abuse as the reason. But, she has since moved on and now she is in-love with future Atlanta mayoral candidate, Michael Sterling.

I caught up with Eva and E.J. and they opened up about their feelings towards Eva’s new relationship and how they felt about her ex Kevin McCall.

Eva Marcille and EJ King

Are you happy in your new relationship?

“I’m happy, EJ is most likely still searching.”

Do you approve of Eva’s boo (Michael Sterling)?

“Oh my God, Oh My God yes. I’ve seen my fair share of Eva’s boo’s and this one I really really, really like this one. And I like that he’s just so into Eva. He’s such a good guy. He’s such a good person.”

How did you meet?

“Actually we were at a fundraising event in Atlanta for the current Mayor, Kassim Reed. And we met there and I didn’t expect it to be anything hot.”

We see all of the arguing that’s going on on social media between you and your ex (Kevin McCall)

“Well, we try to keep it as simple as possible, but you know social media be picking up things you didn’t even put down.”

Is (Kevin McCall) not one of your favorite of Eva’s exes?

“No, he’s not my favorite at all! I introduced them. And I didn’t know crazy existed. He was a really good person. He’s not my favorite. I’m a fan favorite of the new person and she’s happy and this smile stays on her face and that’s what I rock for.”

My advice, Kevin should keep your personal business private and stay off of social media.


“Public service announcement, I’m gonna need you to invest in the business that you pay for.”

Ouch!  I hope these two are able to eventually work out their issues for the sake of their beautiful little girl.


When I posted the interview Kevin McCall re-tweeted it with the caption “I wish them both the best.”  Way to take the high road Kevin!  Hopefully, this is a sign of the future.

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