Exclusive Interview: Erica Campbell Talks ‘I Luh God’ Controversy, Negativity in Christianity & Makes A Shocking Announcement About Her & Warryn’s New Church!

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Erica Campbell and Cherise  Nicole


I Luh God, If you don’t love God, What’s wrong with you?! This is the contagious chorus of Erica Campbell’s new single, ‘I Luh God,’ and it is fire!  *Update: Scroll down to see the world premiere of the I Luh God video!

One half of Gospel supergroup Mary Mary, struck out on her own last year and she’s been burning up the charts ever since!  The talented singer/songwriter has a Grammy, 8 Stellar Awards and a BET Award nomination under her belt in the past year alone.  And there is no sign that she is slowing down any time soon!  I recently had the pleasure to sit down with Erica for the second time and we discussed the re-release of her album ‘Help 2.0,’ her new movement ‘I Am More Than Pretty,’ her hit show Mary Mary, the controversy over her latest single, ‘I Luh God,’ and she gave us some shocking news about her and her husband Warryn Campbell…..they have started their own church! The interviews have been split into 4 parts, but first, we will address her single and this announcement!

When I first heard, I Luh God, I loved it right away.  The beat has a Hip Hop sound and the chorus is extremely catchy.  I was happy for Erica, she is an amazing artist and I knew right away that it would bring people to God that may not like traditional Christian music.  However, many folks are in a uproar!  Some labeled it as ‘Trap Gospel” and criticized her for making music that strayed away from the sound people have become accustomed to from Mary Mary.  Some of the comments on youtube and social media are so hateful, it makes you wonder if they are coming from people of God at all!  I sat down with EC to talk about it.  And perhaps we performed the song for you too! You know how we do it!

Erica Campbell and Cherise Nicole

“You know I’m from Inglewood, so there’s a side to me that you all don’t see very often.  But, i’s very much apart of who I am.  And when I’m just hanging with my girls, I may talk like that! And people are not used to that.  They’re used to very pulled up and polished and singing Yesterday and Help. But, I just wanted to have fun and declare my love for God.  And at the same time reach an audience that I think the Gospel community sometimes ignores.  There is Christian Hip Hop but I feel that more caucasion children gravitate to it.  So, I figured, you my people so, let me get with my folks!”

“There are some people who don’t like the song and that’s ok.  You can listen to someone else or buy someone else, I won’t even be offended by it! But, I think before you criticize and especially before you criticize publicly…because what that does is make the Christian body look  even more divided and more argumentative and at war with each other.  If you know me, or you know someone that knows me, contact me as opposed to posting something ugly or nasty.  Now, you’ve created this conversation and the people that like it are mad and the people that don’t like it are mad and really God gets no Glory out of that. If you take all of the music away, which is the main thing people are mad at, and you just look at the words, you change your total view. ”

“I’m not new to this, I’m not new to criticism.  I’m not new to stepping out on faith and doing things that are different that people don’t understand.  What we have to understand is that this is the enemies #1 tool.  He knows that we’re not going to stop going to church, but if he can get you to go to church and fuss and argue about things, then you can’t hear God’s directive.  You can’t really receive his love because you’re in the wrong spirit.  All he’s really trying to do is distract us from hearing God.  So, if you’re distracted by someone who wears a dress and you don’t like the dress etc. you’ve got to really assess yourself and say ‘What is really going on?’ ‘What do I really have a problem with?’

It’s really sad that people are throwing hate her way, the song is awesome, the album is awesome and I’m sure she will continue to rise above the drama!

In other news, Erica and Warryn Campbell have started their own church called the California Worship Center!  If you are a fan of the Mary Mary show, then you know how jam packed Erica and Warryn’s schedule was already, with her promoting her solo career, doing Mary Mary shows, him producing and touring with her and them being parents of 3 children!  So, it is shocking to know that they’ve added another full blown business to their lives…a ministry!  Warryn was ordained around Easter Sunday and they started having their own services soon after.  They are only about 1 month in and their congregation has grown to several hundred! They are now holding service in a middle school auditorium that holds 800 people.  But, the way things are going, them building a church is not far off.  I asked Erica how she would manage a full time career as an entertainer and being the first lady of a new church.

“The moment he [Warryn] said he was starting a church, I said ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa…are you sure?  You know I just put out a record right?  I have to tour.  How am I going to be back on Sundays?’ So that was a bit of a juggling act and we’re still figuring it out.”

Was this your dream for you and Warryn before you were married?

“No! A church was not in my dream! At all! That’s God’s design.  But, when God calls, you say yes.”

Wow!  We wish Erica and Warryn the very best with their ministry!  I will be visiting real soon!  Pick up Help 2.0 in stores now and grab her ‘I Luh God’ single on iTunes!

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Erica Makes A Shocking Announcement About Her and Warryn starting their own church!

Watch the world premiere of the ‘I Luh God’ Video below!

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