Exclusive Interview: Disney Kids Give Their Opinion of Donald Trump!

Posted by: cnikky

Disney Kids

Kids say the darnedest things, but they definitely speak the truth! In wake of the bizarre Republican National Convention and the beginning of the Democratic National Convention, I thought we should get the political viewpoints of the future generation.  During the red carpet for Disney’s The Jungle Book, I spoke to a few Disney stars to find out what they thought about the upcoming Presidential Election.  Although, they may not be old enough to vote, or bored enough to watch FOX News, it appears their parent’s opinion have definitely influenced theirs!

“Wait! I think I know one person who’s elected….Donald Trump. ”

“I think I know two that’s voting for President? Bernie Sanders…I have no idea?  And the other one! I don’t want to say his name because….(makes a screw face).”

“I’m not going to say anything because if I do, it will cause controversy and I have no idea about politics!”


Watch the hilarious video below to see what they have to say about Trump’s hair!

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