Exclusive Interview: Diggy Simmons Talks Relationship Status, New Movie & New Music!

Posted by: cnikky

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons is the talented rapper that we first met on MTV’s hit series ‘Run’s House.’  Since those days he’s grown up to be a successful recording artist, model and now actor with quite a large female following!  The cutie is always polite, gracious and well spoken everytime I interview him and I’m sure that’s a credit to his parents Rev Run (from Run DMC) and Justine Simmons.

I caught up with Diggy during the BET Awards and we spoke about the show that he had previously told us about starring Teyanna Taylor and Bria Murphy.  We hadn’t heard anything about it since last year, so he gave us the new scoop.  He also informed us of new music coming and of course for his fans, I asked him if he was still single and crushing on Tinashe…(watch our previous interview to understand that reference!)  In addition to getting the juice, he also had a message for his fans!

“I got new music coming out in August, which is very exciting!  I’m going to be on tour starting in September.  I got a new movie coming out that you guys know about, it’s called The Start-up, with Teyanna Taylor and Bria Murphy. So, in the fall, end of summer period everything will be coming out!”

Apparently, The Start-up is a two hour special, but they need big ratings to turn it back into a television series. So, I asked Diggy what fans need to do in order to make sure that happens?

“Everybody gotta watch.  Everybody gotta be on twitter going crazy.  So, that’s what they gotta do!”

Watch the interview to see what he said when I asked him about his current relationship status…..


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  • Do you need any degree to interview with different celabrites

    What would you recommend people that wants to do the same job as you? Is it fun? Is it hard?

    Is diggy simmons single or is he taken

    • cnikky

      I would suggest you get a degree in broadcast journalism or go to a hosting school 🙂

  • marrissa

    I didn’t see part when u asked him if he still crushing on tinashe. If u did,what did he say

  • ashley

    Is diggy single or taken