Exclusive Interview: Did LeToya Luckett Confirm She’s Dating NBA Star Kevin Durant?

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LeToya Luckett



We’ve caught up with singer/actress LeToya Luckett several times and there always seems to be one ongoing conversation….her love life!  The beautiful star of ‘Single Ladies and Ballers,’ has men all over the industry wondering how they can get a date!  While she usually remains private, she recently decided to go public with her boyfriend of 2 years, producer Jo Blaq.  In an interview with KTLA she gushed about how she knew he was the one! But, it seems that as soon as she became comfortable with the world knowing about her relationship, it must have ended!

LeToya Luckett and Joe Blaq
LeToya Luckett and Joe Blaq

Our friend NecoleBitchie reported that LeToya and her ‘friend,’NBA baller Kevin Durant were spotted at dinner and on what looked like a date at Disneyland?  Apparently, she filmed a movie recently with Kevin’s  best friend, Cliff Dixon and that may have helped re-kindle the romance.

LeToya Luckett and Kevin Durant


LeToya Luckett and Kevin Durant


I asked LeToya about her current relationship status and this is what she had to say…or didn’t say:

“Honey, I am just out here…..”

So, is Kevin (Durant) back in the picture?

“Whoa!  Cause that got crazy!  I’m just out here….I’m a big fan of Disney! Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? Ummm, yeah.”

Are you still single?

“Looking for the right one, like I told you before. Don’t rush into nothing!”

Okay LeToya!  We see you girl! Take your time on this one.  In addition to her romance life, we also talked about her new series on HBO, Ballers, where she plays a single mother of a retired football player, who gets killed in the first episode!

“Tina is a wonderful woman, she’s been married to a guy a long time, trying to understand the whole athletic, athlete, that lifestyle.  Unfortunately, in the first episode her husband get’s killed, but she’s kind of fed up anyway! Me and the Rock, our characters reltionship, I’m kind of the one that just sets him straight all of the time.  Like, don’t end up like him (her deceased husband) that’s not where you wanna be. It’s a fun part to play!”

LeToya also let us know that she is shooting the video for her first single off of her new album in a few weeks!  We can’t wait!

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  • Mich

    Why would that happen? Why would some1 go official then break up some weeks later? Pure madness! Shame cause Jo seemed to be like a good guy. That KD is immature and a heart breaker. Be aware Letoya.