Exclusive Interview: Deitrick Haddon Talks ‘Preachers Of L.A.’ & Puttin’ A Ring On It

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Preachers of L.A. is Oxygen’s highest rated shows to date and one of the shows most eccentric characters is definitely, Pastor and Gospel Artist, Deitrick Haddon.  Many things about him are controversial for the Christian community.  He doesn’t dress like a traditional pastor.  No suits and ties here!  Deitrick is flashy! He loves to floss his shades, colorful and interesting outfits and hair.  In addition to his appearance, he also had a child out of wedlock. Although now he has a new, beautiful young wife (Dominique), that was pregnant with their daughter before he divorced his former wife.  While many church folks frown upon this (human) behavior, he has a very large following.  During the BET Awards, Cherise Nicole (CNikky) caught up with Deitrick and his wife and asked him about the show that premieres tonight on Oxygen!

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Will the Audience See You Propose To Your Wife On The Show?

“We Can’t give the show away…well we don’t want to give the show away.  But, it’s going to redefine the public’s perception of a pastor.  Cause we have one perception of a pastor.  We think, he’s stealing the churches money!  I’m tired of that preacher up there!  So, we’re getting ready to give you a flip side and you’re going to see how human you’re pastors are.  You’re going to go to church on Sunday and appreciate them after you watch this show.  Cause it’s not easy having such a high calling, being a human being.  At the end of the day, you’re a human being, you’re flesh and blood.”

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Is Your Congregation Starting To Dress Like You?

“My congregation is across the board.  Young people follow me, they watch me.  Yes, they’re becoming more fly, they’re becoming more real. My objective is to show people how to be themselves and still serve God, still be a real Christian.  You don’t loose your style, you don’t loose your swag, you don’t loose who you are because you are now saved.  And for years, we we’re taught that and it’s wrong.  So, yeah, they’re following me.”

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  • 3kmom

    This article states,”he also had a child out of wedlock. He has a new, beautiful young wife, but that’s not her child either!” Yet, on the 1st episode of the show Haddon stated that he impregnated Dominique BEFORE his divorce was final, and Destin Monet, was born and appeared, along with his then fiance/baby moma Dominique, in episode one. Haddon has since MARRIED Dominique, Destin Monet’s mother on 7/20/13, after taping of the show. With all that said, my question is: If that is NOT Dominique’s baby, WHY would Dominique say she was, and why would Haddon lead us to believe that she (Dominique)is? Or, is some of the information in this article incorrect?? Please advise.

    • cnikky

      It has been updated. Thank You 🙂

    • sasha1234

      Dominique had a baby by haddon, she got pregnant again before the wedding in her mommas backyard. so basically they had both their babies out of wedlock but used the informal wedding to cover that up…

  • Normally a woman would be upset that another women is rocking her wedding ring…but in this case…Im good, my ring is being rocked in hollywood!1NOT JUST THE HOOD..CONGRADULATIONS to the couple.

  • a pastor like dettrick hardon
    that is another think of christianism
    i’m so wonder but i beleive that he know what he do
    i don’t want to accuse him cause, we are all the seenners
    may God onderstand everybody