Exclusive Interview: Deitrick & Dominique Haddon Talk Baby #3 & Preachers Of LA Season 3!

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Deitrick Haddon & Dominique Haddon

Preachers of LA star, Deitrick Haddon and his wife Dominique are expecting their 3rd child in 3 years!  And this time it’s a bouncing baby boy! I caught up with the Haddon’s on the hot red carpet of the BET Awards and Deitrick couldn’t be more excited about the news!  I spoke to them about her pregnancy, his show with Michelle Williams ‘Fix My Choir and of course Preachers of LA Season 3!

Deitrick Haddon & Dominique Haddon

“Ya’ll know I got a little boy on the way! Ya’ll cooking my son (in the hot sun) she’s 7 months!”

Have you thought of a name yet?

“You know it’s gotta be little Deitrick. You know the world needs another Deitrick! Junior, it’s my junior!”

Have you started filming season 3 of Preachers of LA?

“Not yet, we’re starting in August. We gotta prepare. As we get ready to have our son, we’ll be filming. We gone keep what’s working for us. People are tuned in so we gone keep it going. Just more transparency, it’s a lot going on in my life and the other preachers lives so it’s gonna be good.”

Interesting…I wonder if they are going to address the fact that Bishop Noel Jones got another woman pregnant, while he was supposed to be in a ‘friendship’ with Loretta?

Deitrick also revealed that while, Fix My Choir will be back for a season 2, he wasn’t happy with the way the show was produced behind the scenes, so we can expect some changes.

Congratulations to the couple.  I think Dominique might give in to the nanny idea with 3 children under the age of 4!

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