Exclusive Interview: Datari Turner Talks Ol’ Dirty Bastard Biopic w/ Kanye West, The Dame Dash ‘BOSS’ Controversy & Growing Up Hip Hop With Angela Simmons!

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Datari Turner


Datari Turner is one of Young Hollywood’s biggest movers and shakers.  The handsome producer/actor was in the headlines for his brief wedding and swift annulment to ‘Real Housewive’s of Atlanta’ star Claudia Jordan a few years ago.  But, it would not be fair to only know him as a headline from a hot night of fun and regret. The truth is, Datari is responsible for producing over 20 films and television shows in the past 5 years. Including cult classics like ‘Video Girl’ with Meagan Good, Dysfunctional Friends and Lisa Raye’s Reality Show on TV One.  People that know him, label him as hard working, kind and super sweet.  The former model is quietly taking over Hollywood and his new projects may just catapult him into the stratosphere!

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I caught up with Datari at the premiere of Brotherly Love and he shared some interesting tidbits with me about his new show, ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ the Ol’ Dirty Bastard Biopic he may be producing with Kanye West and his thoughts on his mentor, Damon Dash’s recent rant about the importance of being a Boss vs being an employee.


What is your new show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ about?

“I’m the executive producer and I created a show called ‘Growing up Hip Hop,’ for WE TV.  It’s with all of the kids of hip hop icons.  So, Angela Simmons, Romeo, Tiffany Lighty, whose Chris Lighty’s daughter, Boogie Dash, who’s Damon Dash son, Kristina DeBarge who’s James DeBarge daughter.  It’s like this huge cast of kids that have famous parents.”

“WE TV green lit the show, so we’re shooting right now, 8 episodes.  And it’s kinda like how these kids are young entrepreneurs.  Young Romeo has his own clothing line and acting, Angela Simmons wants to be Donna Karen.  So, it’s all of these kids that are brooding moguls.  Jam Master Jay’s son is on the show and Peppa from Salt- n- Peppa’s daughter’s on the show. So, it’s showing how they go through life and balance life and just try to figure things out.”

How did you achieve so much success?

“There’s no secret to success but hard work.  I pray a lot and I just try to outwork people. I don’t wait around for people to give me the opportunity.  I put my own money up  and I try to do it myself. “

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Biopic:

“I literally talked to Dame about 2 hours ago.  We’re talking about doing the Ol’ Dirty Bastard biopic.  RZA is on board to direct and I been talking to Dame and Kanye about producing it.”

Datari Turner

How did you feel about Damon Dash’s controversial speech about being a Boss vs Being an Employee? (Scroll down to watch the interview)

“My thing is, as long as people talking, that’s a good thing.  I created my first tv show at 24, it was called ‘The Ultimate Hustler,’ at BET with Damon Dash.  So, I’ve learned a lot from Dame.  He’s a really smart guy, actually a genius.  I think because of his approach sometimes, people don’t always receive the jewels that he’s trying to drop.  They just look at the approach. The harsh the brashness, the cockiness.  They just think he’s arrogant. But, he’s a very intelligent guy and I’ve learned a lot. And anytime that he wants to give me some advice, I’m gonna listen.  We gotta do our own stuff!  I mean he got behind Lee Daniels early, putting money behind the Woodsman and Shadow Boxer.  You know, the studios, they don’t give us those opportunities until we’re almost at the tipping point to blow.  It’s like, Ava DuVernay, no one gave her the money to do ‘Middle of No Where,’ or ‘I Will Follow.’ They got on board after that!  So, all he was saying is that we got to create our own opportunities and stop standing around and waiting for people to do it for us.”

Congratulations to Datari Turner for all of his success.  He’s been making major moves behind the scenes for a minute, so it’s much deserved.  We will keep you posted on the ODB Biopic and Growing Up Hip Hop!

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Watch Damon Dash’s ‘Boss vs The Employee’ Interview Below:

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