Exclusive Interview: Damien Dante Wayans, Christian Keyes, Lil Mama Talk One Night Stands & TRAINING Women!

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Have you ever had a one night stand?  Well….Michael Ealy and Kevin Hart’s new film, ‘About Last Night,’ is about a one night stand, that turns into a relationship.  So….when I caught up with celebs Lil’ Mama (TLC Biopic), Damien Dante Wayans (Single Ladies) and Christian Keyes (Let’s Stay Together) on the red carpet for the film, I had to ask them about their one night stand experiences!

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Christian Keyes admits that he has had one (or a few) that actually turned into relationships, but he is more focused on finding the right woman and “Training Her!”  I know….I almost lost it on poor Christian, but he corrected himself by saying that he wants the right woman to train him to be the perfect partner as well.  Ummmm hmmmmm….nice save Christian!

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My crazy buddy, Damien Dante Wayans also addressed the protocol for being a ‘Wing Man.’

“Why do I got to be the wing man?  Why can’t Marlon be the wing man?  You know their are younger cousins.  And part of the hierarchy is, the younger you are, the more wing you must be!  The wing man get’s the wackest chick in the crew.  I mean you just gotta hold it down for the team, that’s what you got to do. “

Have you ever gone home with the wing-man-chick?

“The wingette?  So basically you’re telling me that I went home with the ugly girl?  Um…I’m gonna plead the fifth. I’m gonna plead the fifth you know, some questions you’ve just got to pass on!”

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Watch The Interview Below:


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