Exclusive Interview: Crystal & Bree Westbrooks Dish on Season 1 Drama & How To Be Sexy!

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The Westbrooks and CNikky


Move over Kardashians, the Westbrooks are ready to take over as the first family of social media.  With over 2 million followers on instagram, five beautiful sisters Crystal, Bree, Morgan, Brooke and India have taken the internet by storm.  The self made family from Compton, California became successful from a landscaping business and another business, ‘Royal Blunts’ that sells wrapping paper for blunts.  I’m sure that the second business brought the Westbrook parents celebrity clientele and therefore their beautiful daughters were introduced into the “celebrity lifestyle.” Which comes along with a few high profile boyfriends and the hunger for their own sense of “fame.”  The youngest sister, India Love, became instagram famous by posting sexy pictures of herself and her sisters followed suit.  The ladies have become so successful, they sometimes make over $1,000 a day on social media alone.  So, BET gave them their own show!

The Westbrooks

In the first episode we see India in a relationship with Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Soulja Boy.  But, we also learn that she is devastated by being exposed in a compromising sexual situation with another rapper, The Game.  The sisters are all working on branding themselves and we get a sneak peek into the lives of The Westbrooks.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with all of the sisters, except India, who left suddenly for unknown reasons.

I asked Crystal and Bree Westbrooks to give us a few tips on taking a good picture.

Bree Westbrooks

“It’s all about the hip.  You can stand straight, you can stand to the side, as long as you poke that hip out! A lot more women are my size, rather than junior size! Ha! A lot more women are grown and we have hips!  So, you gotta show that hip because men are looking for that coke bottle, that figure!  You gotta poke that hip out!”

Crystal Westbrooks

“It’s all in the mind!  If you think you look good, you’ll convince everybody that you look good!”

I asked the ladies what we can expect this season and it seems in addition to building their brand, guys rule their world!

Crystal Westbrooks and CNikky

“Boyfriends. Relationships.  Like a guy not liking me and liking another sister! A guy not liking me and I’m pursuing him.  A lot of boyfriend stuff.”

“I give men too many chances.  I’m too nice, so they run all over me.”

Bree let us know that her big sister needs to stop being so nice and rolling over for lame dudes.  I agree with you girl! In the first episode, when their little sister India reveals she is “friends” with Soulja Boy, Crystal advises her against the relationship.  So, clearly we know she knows the difference between a good guy and a lame, she just isn’t taking her own advice.  Let’s hope this season Crystal joins her sister Bree in finding true love!

The Westbrooks air every Wednesday night at 10pm on BET!

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