Exclusive Interview: Cocoa Brown & Zulay Heno Talk Working With The Sexy Terry Crews & William Levy In ‘Single Moms Club’

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Zulay Henao & Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown and Zulay Henao have both made an impression on Tyler Perry’s audiences.  Zulay can be seen weekly on his comedy series, ‘Love Thy Neighbor,’ and Cocoa is a series regular on ‘For Better or Worse.’  Both ladies have supporting roles in his latest film, ‘The Single Moms Club.’  Cocoa plays the struggling mother of 5 children (two who are incarcerated).  She finds herself being overly possessive of her 12 year old son, in hopes of keeping him from following in his older siblings footsteps.  She is so focused on paying the bills and protecting her kids, she refuses to make time to date a very persistent Terry Crews!

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Zulay is divorced from a very wealthy and sexy Eddie Cibrian, who threatens to stop supporting her and their daughter if she starts dating someone new (even though he has moved on and is married)!  The problem is, she has been secretly dating the delicious William Levy  for over a year and he is ready to meet her daughter and get serious!

I sat down with the ladies who spilled the beans on working with their hot co-stars.  And shared the greatest lessons their characters learned about themselves.

The Single Mom’s Club Hits Theaters on Friday, March 14th!

Watch the Interview Below:


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