Exclusive Interview: Christian Keyes Talks Kelly Rowland & Excl. Juice On ‘Let’s Stay Together’

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Christian Keyes & Cherise Nicole

Christin Keyes is the sexy boss you love to hate on BET’s hit show, ‘Let’s Stay Together.’ As he likes to call himself, “Good Trouble.” Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb caught up with Christian and we got the goods on what’s coming up this season!  If you are a fan of the show, you know that last season he made a move on his very married co-star.  Although he was rejected then…it seems things may turn around for him this season????

Another tidbit we discovered is that Mr. Keyes happens to be single and looking for love!  What does he want in a woman and is he crushing on a sexy chocolate R&B singer with a little ‘Motivation,’ read below to find out?!

What Can We Expect To See This Season:

“Without directly giving it away, I definitely think it’s going to be a huge surprise to the dedicated and loyal fans of Let’s Stay Together.  They’re gonna expect one thing and they’re gonna get one that’s pleasant, but totally different.  Like a huge curve, like one of them curves like on the 405 (freeway).  But it’s awesome.  When they told me I was like WHAT? BET! So I’m excited!”

Christian Keyes & Cherise Nicole3

What do you want In A Woman:

“I won’t lie. I do have a preference for chocolate.  It’s something about the amazingness of the black woman that the Lord hath made.”

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush:

“A question I’m not gonna answer!  Don’t be tryin’ to get me in trouble!….I am not answering that!  No comment.com.”

What about Kelly Rowland?…:

“Kelly’s fine! Don’t get me…Kelly’s fine….Here ya’ll go!  See that’s why I don’t answer!.  Kelly is an intelligent, talented and beautiful woman as there are a bunch in the industry….See I’m not going to name one, I’m gonna name 10!  That’s the easy way out Baby!”

Christian Keyes & Cherise Nicole1

On his new movie where he will be stripping down for the ladies:

“Be on the lookout for ‘Ladies Night’ it’s the black version of Magic Mike that I wrote that we’re about to shoot in May.  The cast is incredible and we gon’ make sure we give ya’ll what you need.”

Yes! Christian! We’re always in need of a little Magic!  Watch the interview below to find out all of the things he is looking for in a woman and what other celebrity crushes he named!  Tune in to BET on Tuesday, March 26th at 11pm for ‘Let’s Stay Together.’

Watch the interview below:


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