Exclusive Interview: Charlie Wilson Sings & Gives Advice ‘Keep Your Friends Out Your Business!’

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charlie wilson

Charlie Wilson is undeniable.  The soulful king of R&B music has inspired generations of singers and this year the BET Awards chose to honor him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  His career flourished as a young member of The Gap Band, but after a scary stint with drugs and alcohol, many people counted him out and said his career was done.  But, like a phoenix, he rose again and this time, with a little help from his young friends, Snood Dogg, Pharell, Justin Timberlake and more.  His fresh sound was featured in hits like Beautiful and Signs. But that only lead the way for his new solo albums that bred hits like, There Goes My Baby and My Name Is Charlie.  The energetic and charming, Mr. Wilson, stopped by to speak with Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates CocoaFab during the BET Awards red carpet.  We asked Uncle Charlie for some relationship advice, what men should be looking for in a woman and of course…what is his favorite love song of all time!

Uncle Charlie gives relationship advice:

“Keep all your friends out your business baby.  Cause them the ones that’s gone cut you up from the back! That’s all you need to know. Trust me.  Don’t let anyone know what’s going on in your house.  Cause when you start telling people what’s wrong and what’s going on in your house, that’s when you loose out.  They don’t need to know nothing.”

What qualities should men be looking for in a woman:

“Character, you know what I’m saying.  Sometimes you can judge a book by the outside.  You know a lot of men miss out on a good woman because their looking for something comsmetically looking for a woman.  And their loosing out.  Looking for character.  And then later on they come back to you.  And you be like ‘I looked at you about 5, 6 years ago!  I’m out!  I saw what you was messing with them little hoochies over there!  Stay on over there!”

What is his favorite love song of all time?  Well…he sang it for us!  Watch the interview to find out!

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