Exclusive Interview: Celebs Say Katt Williams, Kevin Hart & The Love & Hip Hop Cast CAN NOT Babysit Their Kids!

Posted by: cnikky

Wendi McLendon, Cocoa Brown, Tyler Perry, Amy Smart, Zulay Henao


Tyler Perry’s ‘The Single Mom’s Club,’ is about 5 moms that support each other by being rotating babysitters, so the other 4 can go out on the weekends and have a social life.  I stopped by the red carpet premiere and I asked Cocoa Brown, Jennifer Lewis, Breesha Webb and Tamala Jones, what celebrity they would let watch their kids and what celebrity they wouldn’t allow near their kids!  Let’s just say, comedians and reality show stars were not high on that list!

Single Mom’s Club hits theaters on Friday, March 14th!

Watch The Interview Below:


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