Exclusive Interview: Celebrities Sound Off on Black Lives Matter & President Obama!

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Lisa Raye


Black America has seen it’s share of controversy in the news, especially over the past 2 years since the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin.  More and more we’ve witnessed people coming together to stand up for the fair treatment of the Black community.  Is it a repeat of the civil rights movement, or is it that racism has always existed, it’s just been pushed under the rug for the past 50 years?  In light of recent events, i.e.. Free Bree, Eric Garner, Mike Brown (Ferguson), the Charleston murders, Sandra Bland and countless others, I spoke to a few celebrities about how they feel about the Black Lives Matter Movement and that epic moment when President Obama sang at the funeral for the victims of the Charleston Church murders.

Big Tigger commented on the impact of the Charleston murders and the Free Bree movement that led to the confederate flag being removed from all government buildings.

Big Tigger

“Given what happened in South Carolina, he said he wanted to start a race war and what he did was start a dialogue that may actually benefit us. In the last couple of years, the dialogue has been evolving and becoming more prevalent, with Black Lives Matter, our President with My Brothers Keeper, ultimately, he might have did us a favor, even though we had to loose those lives to do it.  I can’t say that it’s an equal pay-off, but ultimately you’ve got to find the good in every situation. “

Producer and artist Sean Garrett and Avery spoke about President Obama and how they felt when he sang Amazing Grace at the funeral of the Charleston victims.

“I thought it was dope! He gave a real down to earth side with him singing.  And it surpasses him singing, it’s just letting the world know how real he is. We got one of the best President’s ever.  Point. Blank. Period.  You know what, I do like that Obama took his time, and did what he had to do his first term.  And then when he came back, he’s a little more relaxed, he’s like ‘I’ve done my job, Obama care is here to stay!’ We love Obama and he represents us well. Contrary to how much you hate. “

Lisa Raye spoke about how she believes many of the situations with young black men being unlawfully killed by police could be prevented if more mothers stepped up and started disciplining their kids.  How do you feel about the Black Lives Matter Movement?

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