Exclusive Interview: Captain America Civil War Cast Spill Movie Secrets!

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Captain America Civil War hits theaters next weekend and it is everything! Even though it is considered a Captain America film, it features most of the Avengers and a few new super-heroes, so I would classify it as more of an Avengers movie. One things for sure, it is by far the best Avengers film Marvel has put out to date!  The story follows Captain America trying to save his friend that was turned into the Winter Soldier against his will.  He is being blamed for terrorist acts that he did not commit.  Because he is trying to protect his friend, Iron Man joins with the United States Government and forms a task force to stop Captain America.  So, some of the Avengers side with Captain America, and some side with Iron Man.  For the first time, our favorite heroes have become enemies.  Who will win?

I had the pleasure of attending the press conference for some exclusive conversation with the cast! The underlying theme seemed to be that Iron Man’s team was considered the old men and Captain’s team was the young guys.

Anthony Mackie referred to Team Iron Man as ‘old!” We’re team ‘baby oil,’ they’re team ‘remember to take your ginkgo biloba.”

One of the best parts of the film was the incorporation of the new superheroes!  Black Panther is introduced in a strong way.  Spiderman bounces his way onto one of the teams and Antman makes his way into the Avengers cast.  Paul Rudd, who plays Antman, explained his excitement with joining the cast.

“How I felt as far as being the fan boy in the movie…that actually required very little acting in that scene for me.  They’ve all worked together and done this before.  I’ve just seen all the Marvel movies.  So, to be there on the day, I kind of couldn’t stop geeking out! I was like Oh My God, that’s the shield!  And when I was getting the suit on, there’s this area where we get changed and I was like, ‘Oh there’s iron man’s suit! I did feel that excitement of ‘What? I can’t believe that I landed here? This is nuts! So, it was really cool!”

I give Captain America Civil War two thumbs up!  It is full of all the action you’ve come to expect, but it was also one of the funniest Marvel movies thus far.  Unexpectedly funny! Spiderman and Antman really add to the cast and after you see it, you will be so excited for the upcoming Black Panther film!

Captain America Civil War hits theaters on Friday, May 6th, 2016!


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