Exclusive Interview: Brittany Daniel AKA ‘Kelly Pitts’ Talks Being Back on ‘The Game’ & Jay Ellis Talks Being Done with Lauren London!

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Jay Ellis and Brittany Daniels CNikky.com


One of our favorite shows is back for another season of football and drama!  BET’s ‘The Game’ never fails to bring the funny, the drama and the truth about the lives of professional athletes and their spouses.  Jay Ellis who plays ‘Blue,’ is faced with new challenges this season.  His relationship with Kiera (Lauren Lond0n) ended last season when she broke it off, due to the pressure of her blooming acting career.  But, now she wants him back!  The only problem is, her drunken antics landed him in jail and now he is forced to pay the consequences.  You, another athlete with a bad image.  It’s not looking good for the Saber sweethearts!

“The dimples ain’t working for Blue anymore.  The dimples got Blue in the beginning, but he grew up from the dimples, he knows better now.  The smile don’t do it for him no more.  He needs a little more substance.  He needs something a little more deep.  “

Jay Ellis & Brittany Daniels CNikky.com

But, the most exciting storyline this season is one that die hard fans of the show have been waiting for….the return of Kelly Pitts (Brittany Daniel)!  Look out Chardannay (Brandy)!  The first Mrs. Pitts is back to settle some unfinished business with her ex-husband, Jason Pitts (Coby Bell).  The end of last season showed Jason writing Kelly a letter in hopes of letting her go completely, but we’re sure he didn’t expect her to come back!  Neither did Chardonnay or her former best friend Tasha Mac!

What’s The Drama Like Between Kelly and Chardonnay?

“There’s a lot of neck rolling going on!  You know Kelly doesn’t take anything!  There’s some moments on set,  when she gets up in my face and I’m like, ‘Oh no she did not!’ Cause I’m like, you know Kelly is not going to sit here and take this! It gets heated. Ofcourse!  Because Kelly’s not coming back trying to stir up any trouble.  But just her presence…because when I come back on the show this is the first time that Kelly and Chardonnay have ever met!’

I caught up with our buddy Jay Ellis and Brittany Daniel at the premiere of ‘The Single Mom’s Club,’ and they dished on causing trouble this season!!

The Game Airs Tuesday Nights on BET!

Watch The Interview Below:

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