Exclusive Interview: Being Mary Jane Star, Stephen Bishop Says ‘Omari Hardwick Will NOT Take My Woman!’

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Stephen Bishop

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for one of our favorite shows to come back to television!!  Season 2 of BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane,’ starring Gabrielle Union is back on Tuesday, February 3rd.  Fans have been riddled with anticipation over what happens with Mary Jane and David!  The season finale’ ended with an explosive fight between the two former lovers.  Mary Jane admitted she wanted to be with him and have his babies, however not only has he found love with someone new, but the new girl is also pregnant!  Mary Jane already dumped Andre and sent him back to his wife and kids (even though their sex was the bomb and Omari Hardwick is one of the finest men on the planet!).  So, no David and no Andre?  What happens next?

omari hardwick being mary jane

I caught up with the very handsome Stephen Bishop who plays David and because I have to represent the fans…I asked him why on earth doesn’t he just get back together with Mary Jane?!!  We know they want to!!  I also had to know if he was sizing Omari Hardwick up the whole season, like..’I’m better than this dude.’  Ofcourse the cutie was politically correct in saying that he and Omari are good friends, so he would never do that.  But, when I asked him if he would let Omari come in and steal his woman, his response was a little different!

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How could you let your character get the new girl pregnant?!

“Sometimes things happen that aren’t planned.  And when you let somebody go, you gotta be willing to deal with the repercussions of such things.”

Why won’t you just get back with Mary Jane?

“David and Mary Jane have been in love for a long time, so, there’s nothing fake about what he’s doing and there’s no games being played with her, I want to clear that up right now.  He’s not playing games with her, they just keep missing each other.  They’re star crossed lovers that the timing hasn’t been right.  And they’re just trying to figure it out, why do they keep going back.”

Stephen Bishop

Have you ever compared yourself with Omari Hardwick? Who’s sexier?

“Nah. Omari, that’s my man, I’ll defer to Omari on that.  He can have that. Omari’s the guy.”

Would you let Omari take your girl?

“Well, not in real life he couldn’t have her?  But, if you’re asking me if I’m sexier than him, I’ll let him have it.”

We’re glad that she threw the sperm away, but will you ever voluntarily give it to her?

“One can only hope she gets it the right way!”

Love him.  Will David and Mary Jane get it right this season?  Who knows?  But, season 2 promises to be juicy!  We all know Omari Hardwick is filming Power, so Stephen….Gabrielle is all yours!

Being Mary Jane Airs Tuesday Night on BET starting February 3rd!!

Watch Our Interview Below!

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