Exclusive Interview: Basketball Wives L.A. Say Draya Will Not Marry Her Boyfriend & Talk Cheating & Season 3!

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Jackie Christie and Sundy Carter Basketball Wives LA


Last weeks episode of Basketball Wives L.A. had fans wondering if Draya Michele’s boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy, Orlando Scandrick was really her prince charming.  Even though it appears that she is happy in-love with a great guy, Jackie Christie informed her that her man had been talking to her daughter, while he was with Draya.  She confronted  him about it, he admitted to speaking with her and inviting her to his house, but apparently that is where it ended.  Draya admitted that she has had to reprimand him in the past for his “behavior,” and fans are wondering if Draya deserves better!  But, for some reason, she wants to marry this man, whom she says makes her happy.

I sat down with Jackie Christie, Brittish Williams and Sundy Carter for the last installment of my 3 part interview with the ladies and we discussed the outcome of this situation.  Will Draya  get married?  Their opinions differed in general, but one answer was universal.  NOT TO ORLANDO!

Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick


In addition to speaking about their cast mate, the ladies discussed their outlook on cheating and what type of role they played on this “very real” reality show this season!

Do you think that Draya will ever get married?


“I just think that the answers just no.”


“I think Draya’s going to one day find love.  I hope she does.  But, I don’t know where she’s gonna find it at, unless she changes her outlook on things.  I think Draya needs to do that and I’m gonna keep mentoring her as long as I can.  I think she’ll find love.  She’s a good girl. “


“Um, I feel like there’s someone for everyone.  Now, do I think it’s the one she’s with now…negative.  But, someone will wife her up!  Somebody will do it.  I’m just being honest!  Somebody will do it.  Trust me.  They will!  They’ll figure it out.”


“There’s a lid for every pot.  And um,  whatever her pot consist of, that is the lid that will seal the deal.”

Basketball Wives L.A. Airs Monday Nights on VH1!

Watch the interview below:

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