Exclusive Interview: Basketball Wives L.A.’s Malaysia & Brandy Talk Fight w/Brittish & Giving Draya Advice On Cheating

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Malaysia Pargo, Brandy Maxiell, & Cherise Nicole


Malaysia Pargo is a veteran of the Basketball Wives L.A. franchise and this season she is joined by her real life friend Brandy Maxiell.  We continued our series of interviews with the cast of Basketball Wives L.A. with the second half of the cast, minus Draya (who was out celebrating her 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend).  So, far this season has been full of drama.  Jackie is accusing Draya’s boyfriend of cheating with her daughter and Brittish has had heated arguments with both Malaysia and Brandy among others.  I sat down with the ladies at one of my favorite Hollywood restaurants, ‘Della Terra.’  They dished on the arguments, the origin of the name calling and why they confessed to Draya that both of their husbands have cheated on them.  Unlike most couples, the ladies decided to forgive their men and stay together.  They explained why they forgave, but haven’t forgotten!

Malaysia Pargo and Cherise Nicole


Malaysia, What is the problem between you and Brittish?

“I did want to get to know her, but she didn’t allow me the chance.  I feel like she came into this situation already having her judgment towards me.  She already had it in her mind that she wasn’t going to get to know me and that she was going to fight me.  And it’s not gonna give you any hood points because I’m not looking for that.  I only say that I’m from Compton because I’m proud.  I’m proud of where I came from, where I grew up and I’m proud of who I am today.  The streets pretty much showed me who I am today.  So, it;s not because I think that I’m hard or like a gangbanger or anything like that, it’s just that I’m proud of my city.  So, I don’t know if she felt like targeting me was going to be good for her, but it kinda really is not going to do you any good because I’m not gonna fight because I don’t know you.”

Brandy Maxiell and Cherise Nicole

Why Did You Tell Draya That Both of Your Husbands Have Cheated?

“I think it was just a moment between the three of us because we’re really close and we were just being honest.  We were just letting our hair down and it’s what we do on the normal, so you guys kinda got a real glimpse of what we do.  And we were just being honest with Draya and it happens, but you have to know what partner you have.  You have to be true to your partner and if you guys have an un-breakable bond, then you guys will work it out.  Sometimes you have to put them on time out.  Maybe a long time out?”

Malaysia Pargo, Cherise Nicole, Brandy Maxiell, Basketball Wives L.A.

Let’s hope that their husbands can keep it together.  Allegedley, Malaysia and her husband are on the outs right now.  We wish them the best in their marriage and with the show!

Basketball Wives L.A. airs Monday nights on VH1!


Watch The Interview Below:

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  • Cheri

    I want Brandy to know that regardless of what she thinks, her family is complete. She has a miracle baby (she said it in her own words). She must be grateful to God for what He has already blessed her with and not allow emotions to cause her to forget the fact that she’s already blessed. I pray she’s able to have another child, but if it’s not what’s destined for her; I pray she accepts it and be happy for what she has been wonderfully blessed with.