Exclusive Interview: Basketball Wives L.A.’s Brandi & Malaysia Talk Getting Crazy, Surviving Cancer & Learning Lessons

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Malaysia Pargo, Cherise Nicole and Brandi Maxiell


Malaysia Pargo from Basketball Wives L.A. has been on the show since season 1.  The beautiful wife and mother has a reputation for being the calm one on the show.  According to Malaysia, she can remain calm…until you push her buttons.  This season she is joined by her real life friend Brandi Maxiell, who is not only there to support her friend, but also to spread awareness to her cause.  Brandi is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer and is in the beginning stages of receiving in vitro to aid her and her husband in having another child.  I sat down with the ladies at Della Terra Restaurant in Los Angeles, to find out more about the lessons they’ve learned and the journey they are on today.

What is the biggest lesson you learned by watching yourself on the show?


“I realize that I do get…I can get crazy!  Yeah.  I am very calm.  I know my limits.  I try to like, diffuse every situation.  I know how to talk things out.  But, when a person does’t understand anything.  Like, doesn’t understand all of the tactics that I’m trying to take, I know that I can get real crazy.”

Brandi Maxiell and Cherise Nicole

What is the status of your cancer?


“I’m cancer free.  I still have scares because I’m a hypochondriac, I am!  But, it’s good.  But, what I’m trying to do now is have my second baby.  And that’s a little…it’s a challenge.  Yeah.  So, we’ll see how it go.”

I also asked the ladies my favorite learning to love yourself question.  What is your greatest insecurity and how did you learn to overcome?  Malaysia admitted that she was embarrassed of her forehead.  Growing up, she was teased about it, but now she embraces it.  Brandi’s was her cancer scars.

What is your greatest insecurity?


“No, ok..so My insecurity as of like a couple of years ago, my insecurity was my scars.  Like from the surgeries.  I have a scar like right here and on my belly.  Like all over my body.  So, those were my insecurities.  And my husband kinda helped me through it.  Because he was like, that’s life.  You know it’s like…oh,it’s so sad, but it’s just like, it reminds me like, I’m here!  So, it’s no longer my insecurity.  It’s a positive thing.”

It’s interesting that the things we are insecure about, are the same things that make us beautiful, special and unique.  Thanks for sharing ladies!

Basketball Wives L.A. airs Monday nights on VH1!

Watch the interview Below:


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