Exclusive Interview: Basketball Wives L.A. Address Controversy Over Their Daughters, Cheating & Being A Mistress

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The ladies of Basketball Wives L.A. are notorious for stirring up controversy on the show, but it looks as though their personal lives off the show have also become headlines.  Last season, it was revealed that Jackie Christie has been struggling with the relationship between herself and her two daughters.  They accused her of putting them against each other when they were younger and blamed her for their self esteem issues.  To make matters worse, BBW co-star Laura Govan took Jackie’s older daughter to lunch, which quickly turned into a sad and revealing session behind Jackie’s back.

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Would you change anything about the choices you’ve made in raising your daughters?


“I personally wouldn’t change anything.  I know I’m a great parent and my daughters know that. You know, with any kid heir an individual first and foremost I can  have them, I can raise them and I can be a damn good parent doing so, but inside of them is what comes out.  So, you know if it’s a low self esteem issue the child is dealing with, the parent can’t blame themselves.  So, I wouldn’t change anything.”


“As far as me, I definitely wouldn’t change anything.  I teach my children not to be like me but to be better than me because I am flawed and I’m still learning as a parent.  So, with teenagers and a 6 year old, I have to be very careful and mindful of the things that I do and what I put out there.  So, I definitely, I feel like we are semi-dysfunctional.  But, you know I’m not hiding that.  That’s nothing that I’m going to try to put in the closet and keep it there.  I wanted it to be known, I want my story to be told.  I want my children to be able to express themselves.  I want them to not look at me as just a mom but as a friend as well and tell me everything.  Whatever it is. Good, bad, ugly pretty, whatever.  I just want them to be able to feel like they have that trust in me and they can say whatever it is they want to say.  You know?”

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Newbie, Sundy Carter has also experienced her share of controversy.  After a public fight with her daughter, a picture mysteriously leaked onto the internet of her daughter in a compromising position with a man that insinuated oral sex.  Sundy was accused of leaking the picture to get back at her daughter, but she has denied the allegations.  It is also public knowledge that Sundy had a long time affair with married Cleveland Cavalier player Larry Hughes.  This affair became public when Sundy gave birth to their daughter Kennedy.  They are no longer seeing each other and there is clearly a broken heart and a lot that has been left unsaid.

“I’m not going to touch on the in-love part, but I will say that I’m in-love with my daughter.  And I feel like we were both adults, we consented to do whatever we did, it was not an immaculate conception. At the end of the day I feel like, if I’m in a situation and I’m told one thing and your married and your telling someone something totally different, but you’re not portraying that to me or showing that to me…then I have no other reason than to believe what it is that you’re saying. And the outcome is Kennedy L. Carter.  My beautiful 6 year old daughter.  Who’s very intellectual, who’s very outspoken, who is very beautiful, healthy I mean you just name it.  And you know there’s the in-love thing and all that I mean, I really don’t want to kind of touch on that topic, I would prefer to keep it on what came out of it which is a beautiful situation and that’s just Kennedy. She’s a love child.  Absolutely.”

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On the first episode of the season, Brittish Williams told Jackie Christie that she expects that all men cheat, but as long as she doesn’t know about it, she doesn’t care.  The 24 year old engaged entrepreneur told me that she does not condone cheating, but she doesn’t put it past men to do it.  She admitted that her fiancee cheated on her in the past, but she quickly rectified that by busting him upside his head!

Thanks for being so open ladies!  Tune Into Basketball Wives L.A. every Monday Night on VH1!


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