Exclusive Interview: Antoine Harris Dishes on Playing Ahm on VH1’s The Breaks!

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Antoine Harris is one of my favorite people. Point. Blank. Period.  The sexy breakout star of VH1’s hit show, The Breaks is a handsome face with a lot of substance behind him.  We’ll get into the details about how he is a songwriter, a poet, an accomplished athlete, a scholar, a talented artist and the sweetest guy on the planet, next week when I reveal our exclusive one on one interview where we get to know the real Antoine Harris! But, for now, we get to delve into one of television’s newest and most complex characters, Ahm from The Breaks!

You may have seen Antoine on HBO’s Ballers as a franchise football star, or on Starz’ Power as a trouble making shady criminal, but he soared to stardom last year when The Breaks the movie premiered to outstanding ratings and everyone was asking who the thug with the scar on his face and the spine tingling stare was.  Now, that season 1 has premiered, every week viewers get a deeper glance into the life of the king of the streets, that is destined to be Fouray Records biggest rap star, whether he wants to or not.  I sat down with Harris to find out the secret behind those mysterious eyes.  What makes Ahm tick and what will it take to get past his tough exterior and into his heart.

Sinqua Walls, Cherise Nicole, Antoine Harris

Read a few excerpts below and scroll down to watch Part 2 of my 4 part interview with Antoine and his cast mate Sinqua Walls!

What’s it gonna take to break down Ahm’s wall and get to the heart of who he really is?

“Funny thing is, I think you can see a lot of who Ahm is, non-verbally.  He came up with a bunch of OG’s that showed him the game.  And he got to see how he was going to navigate.  So I feel like the walls for Ahm aren’t really gonna break down until Ahm feels like he’s in a position of comfort.  But, Ahm doesn’t function in comfort.  So, I don’t know at what point his walls will start coming down.  He might be 50, you might never see it.  Because there’s some people who are like that.  They constantly have to be on point.  And I feel like Ahm in always on point.  Anytime he hasn’t been on point, it messed him up.  So, now he’s in a position like, this is who I am.  Regardless of the world I’m navigating in, this is how I move and it’s going to have to move around me.”

Sinqua Walls, Cherise Nicole and Antoine Harris

What is it that your character is the most passionate about?

“I think right now it’s music.  People feel like it needs to find cmfort with a love interest or a physical person, but I feel like all his love is going to come from the inside out and music has always been a love for him.  It’s a love and a vehicle, but he has to protect it.  The same way he has to protect his life.  So, I can’t dive into that when I’m in the middle of a gang war, I can’t dive into that when I got cops indicting me.  So, I still have to nurse this love, but it’s not paramount.  My survival is paramount.”

“But, think about everything else, look at his man Smoke, when it’s clear that he loves something, it’s taken from him.”

Antoine Harris and Cherise Nicole

The scene when Ahm takes off his shirt and gets in an ice bath to help bring down his best friends baby’s temperature melted a million hearts and his co-star Sinqua Walls agrees that it solidified him as a viewer favorite.

“I told him that’s the scene that’s gonna change the game.  Because even from watching the movie, I rooted for Ahm’s character.  And really it’s cause of the way he told his story.  And when you see someone going thru those circumstances, and you give them a hard exterior.  But, what he does so well, is you still within the depths of his looks, see the pain and all of the history of what Ahm has gone through.  So, you feel like he’s here because he has to be and doesn’t want to be.  And that moment with the baby was like, this could be my life? In Ahm;s way, he told all of these pieces and it culminated in his own way with the socks still on, with the chain still on! But, that’s real story telling right there! But, to me that’s the moment when audiences that watch The Breaks, if there’s any question of who you’re gonna fall in love with, you’re gonna fall in love with Ahm’s character.”

In a shocking twist of events, one of the original cast members, David, a white boy that was fighting to make hip hop music universal, was gunned down and killed in a nightclub shooting.  According to Harris and Walls, the cast was just as shocked as the viewers.  For a series that is usually so nostalgic and fun to watch, the reality that cast members you grow to love can be taken from you in order to mirror real life is daunting to say the least.

How do you feel the murder of David’s character will shift the direction of the series?

“I hate it.  I think it’s sad.  I think that maybe the same thing could’ve been accomplished if he was paralyzed or something? Especially because I started to understand his position more as his relationship from Nikki changed. You started to understand David as an individual. I understood his story as the white guy trying to move Hip Hop, you saw that more.  But, now that he’s dead, his father, you can tell he’s a bull.  So, now you’re about to see a whole new animal out of Juggy.  I think that that’s going to be good for the story.  It happens, but it was sad.”

You can watch Antoine Harris on The Breaks, every Monday night at 10pm on VH1!

Watch Part 2 of our interview below to get all of the details on Ahm and be sure to check back for the other 3 parts this week and next! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!


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