Exclusive Interview: Anthony Mackie, Vivica Fox & More Talk Pain & Gain’s American Dream

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The American Dream has a different meaning for everyone.  Pain and Gain is the new Michael Bay film about three body builders (Dwayne Johnson, Anthony Mackie and Mark Wahlberg)  in pursuit of their version of the American Dream, excess wealth…at all cost.  The film is based on a true story and you have to see it, to believe it.  Don’t expect your traditional action packed, Michael Bay film with special effects and explosions.  This is just about the story.  The craziest true story, you’ve ever seen.

Cherise Nicole (CNikky) and our associates EURweb spoke to Anthony Mackie, Michael Bay, Vivica Fox, Judge Alex and more about their version of the American Dream.

What was your Dream?

Anthony Mackie:

“To not go to jail.  I grew up in New Orleans at a time where everybody was getting killed or going to jail, so my goal in life was to go to college and not spend one night in a jail cell.”

Vivica A. Fox:

“Gosh.  My dream growing up was to leave Indianapolis.  I used to love Michael Jackson and Diana Ross growing up and I said, wherever they live at I wanna go there. I used to want to be a supermodel and all that good stuff cause I had a little bit of height on me.  And so it was just to move to California and become a star.  It was my dream when I was a senior in high school and it’s become true, I’m now here at a premiere at the Mann’s Chinese theater.  I’ve had movies open here and it’s been a wonderful ride.”

Pain and Gain is in theaters now!

Watch the interview Below:

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