Exclusive Interview: America Ferrera & Jencarlos Canela Talk Upcoming Presidential Election

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America Ferrera

While Donald Trump may be ruffling feathers, by promising to build a wall between our country and it’s borders to keep the immigrants out, the Latin community is gearing up to make sure their voices are heard at the polls and the right candidates with the right views are elected..hopefully! I caught up with a few of our favorite Latin stars at the NBC press junket for Telenovela and Superstore and we discussed why it’s important to make sure we all vote this election!

America Ferrera (Superstore, Ugly Betty) is not only talented, but she has been known to be a bit of an activist!  Perhaps she was inspired by her role in the Cesar Chavez biopic, or maybe she just believes in using her star power to make a difference.  I asked her why we should vote and why we should be paying attention to the issues and not the circus surrounding  the candidates?

“There’s so much hoopla and sensationalism around campaigns and candidates and the things they say and don’t say.  And people are very quick to take to their twitter and their instagram and get into fights at Thanksgiving. People have passion and that’s great, but the action that really matters is in the polls, is on voting day. Is showing up and casting your vote and being the people part of a democracy.  If we don’t stand up and show up for ourselves as Latino’s as minority communities as women, as youth, we’re creating a power vacuum and we’re allowing other people to make decisions that are going to affect our lives. And so of course it is the  most important thing to show up on election day and cast your vote.  And just to get educated about what that vote means and not just the president, but your senators and your congressman because often, the things that are affecting our lives the most, from housing to student loans, are decisions being made by local government.  And so, it’s important to stay educated and keep that passion, keep tweeting, keep instagramming, keep fighting, but don’t let it die off before election day, when your action and your vote really matters.”

Pop Star and actor Jencarlos Canela also agreed with America, saying that he believes paying close attention to who your senators and congressman are is even more important than your president. Who are you voting for?

Watch what they all had to say below.  And please don’t forget to register to vote!

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