Exclusive Interview: ’12 Years A Slave’ Star Chiwetel Ejiofor Reveals Why This Film Changed His Life Forever

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Chiwetel Ejiofor is the dynamic lead actor from ’12 Years A Slave.’  Steve McQueen’s new film that chronicles the real life event of Solomon Northrup’s life.  Solomon was a free man that was tricked into slavery and spent 12 years of his life fighting for his freedom.  During his excruciating journey he encounters several characters played by an award worthy cast featuring Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Sarah Paulson, Alfre Woodard, Lupita N’yongo and many more.  There is also a cameo from young Oscar nominated actress Quevenzhane Wallis.  There is no doubt that the film as well as Chiwetel will be nominated for an Oscar during this award season.  And he deserves it.  After a long and successful career in films like, Inside Man, Children of Men, Amistad, Salt, Talk To Me and American Gangster (to name a few), Chiwetel deserves his time in the spotlight.  After this film the Nigerian actor will become a house hold name.

*Update: Chiwetel was nominated for a Golden Globe, but unfortunately he lost to Mathew McConehey foe ‘The Dallas Buyers Club.’  The film, ’12 Years A Slave’ did take home the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Film!  Well Deserved!

Solomon Northrup’s true story is so unbelievable and compelling, it should be required teaching in Universities across the nation.  This man’s struggle is the story of so many nameless men and women.  After he was emancipated, he went on to become an abolitionist and assist with the emancipation of slavery.  The truth of his death is unknown.   He simply. disappeared.  What an interesting story. His story is American History.

Cherise Nicole & Chiwetel Ejiofor

 Was There A Point When You Were Filming, When You Thought..’I Don’t Know If I Can Do This?’

“It’s A funny thing about that.  I suppose before I started the film, I suppose I did think, when we go to these places it’s going to be intense, it’s going to be.  And you think about that and you wonder how you’re going to feel.  And then really, in the moment of that, I felt connected.  I felt connected to Solomon’s experience.  The things that people think of in the film and think, that must have been hard or something, they may have been uncomfortable, but they were connecting me to experience and a story that I wanted to tell.  That I deeply wanted to tell.  So, It was a privilege to that and an enrichment in the sequences that to look at objectively may seem difficult or tough or hard. There was something else going on.”

chiwetel ejiofor and Cherise Nicole

What Do You Think Happened To Solomon Northrup?

“I don’t know?  I mean it’s one of those things that I hope in terms of re-putting this book out there and the attention on the book and the attention on him is that maybe we’ll be able to find out.  Obviously we know that he got involved in the abolitionist movement.  We know that he did a lot of work to help the slaves.  To help with the emancipation process …but then he did disappear.  So, I think the hope is we’ll find out.  There’s bound to be somewhere some recorded information.  So, hopefully we’ll find out.”

How Has This Experience Changed Your Life?

“Well, it’s been the most extraordinary experience as an actor and probably just as a person.  And to be in such close contact with Solomon Northrup and his journey, has been one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever gone through.  I was so moved to meet his descendents when they came to see the film.  And how they were about the film and how proud they were of that.  It’s just been an extraordinary time.”

12 Years A Slave Is In Theaters Now!  Please Take The Time To Go See It!!

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