Exclusive Funny Interview: ‘The Game’s’ Brandy & Brittany Daniel Fight ‘For The Love of Jason Pitts!’ & Hints At A Baby On The Way!

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Brandy, Cherise Nicole and Brittany Daniel

It’s On!  Kelly Pitts is back on BET’s ‘The Game,’ and she is stirring up major trouble between Jason and Chardonnay Pitts!  The fans are torn between the two and apparently so is Jason!  I sat down with the stars of the love triangle, Brittany Daniel (Kelly Pitts) and Brandy Norwood (Chardonnay Pitts) and we played a hilarious game to fight for Jason called, ‘For The Love of Jason Pitts.’  Yes, we also played this game with Coby Bell and he busted out his rendition of Brandy’s hit song with Chris Brown, ‘Put It Down!’

Which women is better for Jason?  They both believe they are and they were willing to fight to prove it! And while Kelly may have an advantage because she has a child with Jason, Brandy gives us a clue that she may not have that advantage next season……


Brittany Daniel, Coby Bell and Brandy Norwood

When I asked the ladies, overall, who is the better woman for Jason, they replied:


“I found myself at the bus stop!  And I didn’t have to go to seven seasons, you know all over the world to find myself! So, I would say me!”


“I think Kelly knows Jason on a real deep level.”


“The old Jason.”


“I have to say Kelly is better for Jason.”


“I don’t really…like all jokes aside, interview, Kelly and Chardonnay…I just really you know, taking  myself out of the character, I don’t really believe that!”


“On the real I think Chardonnay really does love Jason, she really does.  So, I do think they make a great couple.  But, I do believe there’s something about Kelly and Jason.  There’s just like something.  You know when you’ve been with someone.  I think you will always love your first love.  So, I think there’s something magical you share when you have a child together.  There’s something that will always live on.”


“So, you just gonna throw a child in there?! Ha!  No!  Girl you better get us a season 8 OK! We done sold the deal! Sold! “

When I asked if that means Chardonnay might be getting pregnant next season with Jason’s baby, Brandy replied….


“Something in the womb!”

Brittany Daniel, Cherise Nicole and Brandy Norwood


Watch ‘The Game,’ every Tuesday night at 10pm on BET! Who do you think Jason should choose?????

Watch The Interview Below:

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  • msphxaz602

    Kell for sure, brandy this ain’t MOESHA this is the game something u never have, plus differnt ppl loving each more ppl be happy