Exclusive: Brittany Daniel & Hosea Chanchez Fight To See Who Knows More About ‘The Game!’

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Hosea Chanchez, Cherise Nicole, Brittany Daniel

If you’re a huge fan of BET’s The Game, then there isn’t much that you don’t know about the show. The past 9 seasons brought us unforgettable moments and characters and I thought it would be fun to put some of those memories to the test!  I sat down with Brittany Daniel (Malik) and Hosea Chanchez (Kelly Pitts) and I put their knowledge to the test!  Let’s just say one of them had much better luck than the other!! Take ‘The Game Superfan Challenge’ along with them and see if you can answer most of these questions….

Hosea Chanchez, Cherise Nicole, Brittany Daniel

• Who did Derwin cheat on Melanie with?

• Who did Melanie cheat on Derwin with?

•Who did Malik marry?

• What actress did Jason Pitts date after him and Kelly split up and before he married Chardonnay?

• What dance is Jason Pitts famous for?

• What is Tasha Macks’ nickname for Melanie?

• What is Malik’s nickname for Derwin?

• What was the football secret that could have ruined Jason’s career ?

• What is Tasha Mack’s catch phrase?

• In 9 seconds, name all the actresses that Malik dated on the show?

• In 9 seconds name all the major cast members from the past 9 season?

The Game’s last two episodes airs the next 2 Wednesday nights at 10pm on BET 🙁

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