Evelyn Lozado & Chad Ochocinco’s Show EV & CHAD Gets A Premiere Date!

Posted by: cnikky


Miami Dolphin Chad Ochocinco Johnson, married Basketball Wives breakout star Evelyn Lozado on July 4th.  The attractive couple met on twitter and had their first official date on camera during Season 2 of Basketball wives.  So, it makes perfect sense that they decided to have cameras follow them for their journey to the altar!  Chad had his own dating show on VH1, where he was looking for love.  Obviously, he didn’t find it on the show, but he did find it in Evelyn.  VH1 then offered the two their own reality show-Ev and Ocho premiering September 3rd at 9:30pm.

The wedding was filmed as part of their upcoming VH1 reality spinoff show, but, not content with the event being recorded for television, Johnson also tweeted about his wedding the entire night.  Among other things, he joked about looking “better than Eve,” confessed his nervousness, and complained about Lozada’s many wardrobe changes.  Johnson also updated his profile picture to a picture showing off his and Lozada’s wedding rings

Fans will watch Evelyn and Chad work together with wedding planner Diann Valentine on the perfect cake and designer dress.


Viewers will watch Ev deals with Ocho’s unconventional wedding demands.


Ev and Ocho starts Sept. 3rd at 9:30p.

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