Evelyn Lozada Faces Anger Issues, Abuse, & Fear Of Not Being Loved On IYANLA FIX MY LIFE

Posted by: cnikky

Last week reality star Evelyn Lozada opened up for the first time about her dissolution of marriage to Chad Johnson (who recently tattoed her face on his leg..see below)  in a very brief interview on Nightline.  This time, Iyanla Vanzant (Oprah’s go to girl for life coaching) sat down with Ev to get down to buisness and help her learn from her troubles and grow!  Oprah Winfrey had the brilliant idea to give Iyanla a show on the OWN network where she could help people that are finding it hard to grow.  The first part of the interview was filmed prior to the incident.

Earlier in the Summer, Evelyn agreed to take part in Iyanla Vanzant’s new series, ‘Fix My Life’ with hopes of addressing some of her personal issues but it seems as though Iyanla had to pay Evelyn yet another visit after the head-butting incident with Chad which left her with a gash on her forehead. In the preview for the show, which airs in two parts on September 15 and 22, Iyanla asks Evelyn, ‘How did you get to stitches in your forehead, living in a hotel‘? It is also alluded that Evelyn has been pushed and shoved before while in a relationship with Chad and she reveals that the one thing that scares her the most is, ‘Not Being Loved’.

During the session, Iyanla also works with Evelyn to confront her past and uncover some painful memories and resentment that have shaped her attitude and temper with hopes of helping her move on to a more positive future.


Love this show already.  We hope it helped Evelyn.  Watch the clip below:


In other news, Evelyn’s soon to be ex-husband tatooed a picture of her face on his leg, to prove his love to her

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