Drake Graduates From High School!!!! Congratulations!!

Posted by: cnikky

Young Money artist, Drake graduated from high school this week at age 25.  He’s been working with a tutor while he was on his world tour..that’s dedication!  The popular rapper dropped out of high school in order to star in the television show, Degrassi: The Next Generation in his hometown of Canada.  As you may know, not long after the show wrapped he began to pursue a career in music and millions of albums later, he is an extremely rich, world famous rapper.  So, if you’ve accomplished wealth and success, some may ask why you’d bother finishing school?  We’ll the truth is, wealth and success can be taken from you at any time.  But an education is priceless.  It’s one thing that no one can ever take from you.  I’m sooooo proud of Drake.  He’s  made a great example to his young fans.  Stay in school and excel.  Your options in life are limitless!

Drake tweeted:

Congrats Drake!!


Source: Twitter

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