“Donkey Booty” Has Arrived..Phaedra Parks & Apollo Show You How To Have A “Phine” Body

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The race to the booty fitness dvd continues and it looks like Phaedra and Apollo are coming in first!  This season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta revealed a suprise rivalry between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore.  When a business deal for Kenya to produce Phaedra’s “Donkey Booty” dvd went wrong, Kenya decided to do her own “Stallion Booty” dvd instead.  This obviously didn’t sit well with Phaedra and Apollo, so they decided to find different producers and distributers and do it for themselves.  Well….the “Donkey Booty” dvd has arrived and still no word about the “Stallion Booty” video?  This is hilarious!


Phaedra and apollo

While Kenya says that no woman wants to have a booty that looks like a donkey, Phaedra does not agree.

Phaedra says, “When I talk about a ‘donkey booty,’ that is a firm, peachy booty. It’s not shaking, it’s not jiggling. It stands at attention.”

The couple show you how to tone your booty, while not breaking too much of a sweat (isn’t that the point of working out?) Apollo is a certified personal trainer (and very nice to look at) and Phaedra does have a booty that many girls (especially from the South, would love to have).  I resent Kenya saying that Phaedra doesn’t have a nice body.  I think she’s in great shape!  Remember a nice body doesn’t always equate to a size 2.  She has a toned “real” womans body.  Happy to see that.
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