DMX Breaks down: it’s important to tell your kids you love them

Posted by: cnikky

In a very emotional episode of VH1’s show Couples Therapy, rapper DMX reveals that his mother never told him that she loved him.  He shared that he believes it has greatly affected his life, the man he has become and the reason he behaves a  certain way with his wife Tashera.  The couple is on the show to try and heal their relationship and say the things to each other that they feel they were not able to communicate outside of therapy.  In addition to his mother not telling him she loved him, she also beat him with 3 braided extension cords often in his sleep (that’s why he is afraid to sleep even now). She tricked him into going with her to orphanages and institutions and then left him there for months at a time.  He feels as though he was thrown away. Couples Therapy airs on VH1 Wednesdays at 10pm.  DMX has been plagued with stints in jail, drug addiction and very publicly cheating on his wife and having children outside of his marriage.  He has always been regarded as one of the most passionate rappers because he is never afraid to express his feelings and emotions in his records.  I’ve always liked DMX as an artist and I hope that he is able to find some peace and treat Tashera better.  The lesson in this is to make sure you tell your kids you love them everyday.  People don’t realize that the experiences you have when you’re young shape the rest of your life.

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