Dawn Robinson’s Ex-Husband Claims He Is The Reason She Didn’t Attend The R&B Divas: L.A. Reunion

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Dre allen & Dawn Robinson

The R&B Divas Reunion Part 1 aired on Wednesday night, sans Dawn Robinson.  As we previously reported, the soft spoken Divas stated that she did not attend the reunion because she was not happy with what producers did both to the show and to  her friend Kelly Price.  Now, her ex-husband has sent a statement to several media outlets claiming that the real reason she did not attend the reunion is because he was suing TV One and Dawn (among others) for defamation of character and slander.

During this season, Dawn revealed that her ex-husband (Dre Allen) was not only mentally and physically abusive, but he also fathered 3 children with other women…during their marriage.  Dre claims that he decided to sue Dawn, Think Factory Productions, TV One & others because these allegations are false and he lost two of his major clients because of the ‘lies.’  He claims that Dawn was the only one that was abusive in the relationship. (Sigh…)  He also claims that TV One fired her from the show, once they realized he was suing and also told her she could not come to the re-union show. THIS IS THE SAME MAN, THAT WENT ON MYSPACE IN 2007 AND CALLED HER SEVERAL B**CHES & SAID SHE WAS KICKED OUT OF HER GROUPS BECAUSE OF HER ATTITUDE.  Sounds like a stand-up kind of guy.  Definitely not verbally abusive…….(side eye).

dawn robinson and dre allen

Read his statement to the press below Via NecoleBitchie:

“I wanted to personally inform you and the media that I am suing Thinkfactory, TV One, Dawn Robinson, Phil Thornton, and anyone else that has ANYTHING to do with mentioning DAWN’S EX HUSBAND out of their mouth having 3 kids outside of the marriage and beating her.

[They] should have done [their] homework. Dawn was the only individual arrested for domestic violence while we were married. And it would be IMPOSSIBLE for my 20, 17, 4 and 2 year olds to have been born during a 5 year marriage that ended 6 years ago.

Two of my clients brought up concerns after watching [the show R&B Divas] and my company nets over $3mil a year collectively from both. DAMAGES! And [they] slandered a man with AMPLE resources so expect a good fight.”

Andre also hopped on Facebook today to clarify that he had dropped the idea of filing a lawsuit after the producers took proper steps to clean things up by kicking Dawn off the show and removing her from the reunion special.

While I WAS taking legal action against Comcast, TV One, and the producers of R & B Divas LA, I had time to view the entire season and have decided against it. While my case was certain everything is not always about money. The conduct I witnessed on the show merely discredited the allegations against me and towards the end of the season after I brought up my concerns to the producers by email, certain actions took place and the offending party was removed from the show and the taping of the reunion show.I feel properly vindicated enough to rethink my filing of the lawsuit and move on with my life. I hope my ex wife is able to move on and find happiness without the need to ever slander me again and I wish her every bit of luck in doing so.”

This isn’t the first time that Dre has has publicly spoken out against his Dawn. Back in 2007, they were shopping a reality show together about being broke and in the industry trying to get things together, but something went way left.

In case you missed it, you can catch what happened during the R&B Divas LA reunion show, and Dawn’s twitter response here!

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