Cutie alert! Willow Smith debuts her new video: Do it like me!

Posted by: cnikky

The cuteness that is little Willow Smith debuts her new video: “Do It Like Me (Rockstar).  The pop song confirms that the confident kid knows that all of the rock stars and the pop stars want to do it like her!  The video, which was obviously shot before she shaved her head and died it green and pink, was shot in Paris.

 Keep an eye out for her adorable older brother Jayden dancing towards the end of the video.  Now let’s see…Will and Jada are your parents, living in mansions, making movies, albums, traveling all over the world, shooting videos in Paris, hanging with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Jay Z, opening for Justin Beiber…all before you’re even a teenager?? Must be nice!!!  I think I wanna do it like you too girl!

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