Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling Makes Racist Remarks, Players, Celebs & Fans React!

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Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

This weekend, the NBA is in an uproar after shocking audio was released revealing the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling as a racist.  Although his girlfriend is Black and Mexican, he clearly states that he does not want her to be seen with other Black people!  Yes, we know that most of the star players on the Clippers are Black and they have made Sterling a very rich man.  But, he sees it as if he is giving them some sort of charity by allowing them to play for him.  After the tapes were mysteriously leaked, President Obama, Magic Johnson and many many more celebrities have spoken out about his antics.  The Clippers organization released a statement saying that the accusations would be investigated and dealt with accordingly.  Although many fans asked the Clippers players to boycott their playoff games in protest, they chose to play in the game this weekend, but they turned their jerseys inside out and wore black socks and black armbands in protest.

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As of Monday morning, Virgin America, Kia and Carmax have all pulled their sponsorship from the organization.  Donald has yet to make a statement, but apparently he is begging his ex-girlfriend to “make it stop.” He believes that she is the one who leaked the audio to the media.  She denies the allegations, but she conveniently has already signed a book deal.  When Donald asked her how she could make the over 100 hours of audio go away, she responded, “Talk to my lawyers!”  Clearly this could lead to a huge legal settlement for her.  Donald is 80 and she is in her 20’s, so he allegedly asked her to record their conversations so that he could remember them.  But, if she didn’t leak the tapes, who did?  Apparently his wife that is suing his now ex-girlfriend for extortion (yes he is still legally married) may have leaked the tapes for revenge on her estranged husband.  She was courtside on Saturday at the Clippers game.  Interesting and Messy!

Donald Sterling

GF: “I don’t understand, I don’t see your views. I wasn’t raised the way you were raised.”

Sterling: “Well then, if you don’t feel — don’t come to my games. Don’t bring black people, and don’t come.”

GF: “Do you know that you have a whole team that’s black, that plays for you?”

Sterling: “You just, do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?”

And there’s more.  V., who is half black and half Mexican, explained that she didn’t remove MLB baller Matt Kemp from her Instagram pics (after their original fight over her posting IG pics with black people)…because he‘s MIXED and LIGHTER THAN HER:

V: Honey, if it makes you happy, I will remove all of the black people from my Instagram.

DS: You said that before, you said, “I understand.”

V: I DID remove the people that were independently on my Instagram that are black.

DS: Then why did you start saying that you didn’t? You just said that you didn’t remove them. You didn’t remove every—

V: I didn’t remove Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson, but I thought—

DS: Why?

V: I thought Matt Kemp is mixed, and he was OK, just like me.


V: He’s lighter and whiter than me.


V: I met his mother.

DS: You think I’m a racist, and wouldn’t—

V: I don’t think you’re a racist.

DS: Yes you do. Yes you do.

V: I think you, you—

DS: Evil heart.

V: I don’t think so.  I think you have an amazing heart honey.  I think the people around you have poisoned minds.

They then went on to a conversation of equating Don’s beliefs, especially as a Jewish man, to that of the Holocaust.  He wasn’t pleased.

DS: It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.

V: So do you have to treat them like that too?

DS: The white Jews, there’s white Jews and black Jews, do you understand?

V: And are the black Jews less than the white Jews?

DS: A hundred percent, fifty, a hundred percent.

V: And is that right?

DS: It isn’t a question—we don’t evaluate what’s right and wrong, we live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture.

V: But shouldn’t we take a stand for what’s wrong? And be the change and the difference?

DS: I don’t want to change the culture, because I can’t. It’s too big and too [unknown].

V: But you can change yourself.

DS: I don’t want to change. If my girl can’t do what I want, I don’t want the girl. I’ll find a girl that will do what I want! Believe me. I thought you were that girl—because I tried to do what you want. But you’re not that girl.

I wonder how Black Jewish people like Drake, feel about that!!


President Obama Spoke Out while he was in Malaysia and Said:

“I don’t think I have to interpret those statements for you. They kind of speak for themselves.

“When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk.”

“I suspect the NBA is going to be deeply concerned in resolving this.”

“We just have to be clear and steady in denouncing it, teaching our children differently but also (remain) hopeful that part of why some statements like this stand out so much is because there has been a shift in how we view ourselves.”

Magic Johnson, who was singled out in the audio tapes by Sterling, who reprimanded his girlfriend for taking a picture with him, made a statement saying that he and his wife Cookie will never support the Clippers organization again!  The NAACP also withdrew an award they were about to give Sterling for “Lifetime Achievement.”  This is just the beginning of some serious backlash.


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