Cleveland Hero, Charles Ramsey, Rescues 3 Missing Girls & Gets A Hit Music Video! Watch ‘Dead GiveAway’

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charles ramsey

Charles Ramsey has become an overnight internet sensation and hometown hero, after rescuing 3 missing girls from their kidnapper and molestor.  Charles, was the neighbor to the man that kidnapped these girls and his bravery by simply running towards the screams of one of the victims, Amanda Berry, and kicking the door in so that she could escape, saved the lives of the 3 girls and their children. Now, Charles has been interviewed by several news outlets, including Anderson Cooper and his vibrant interviews have been made into a song, much like the viral interviews of Antoine Dobson and Sweet Brown.

In the interviews Charles mentions often that he was eating a Big Mac from McDonalds when he went to rescue the girls.  McDonalds was happy for the positive publicity and has responded by offering Charles an undisclosed gift. (My guess is a lifetime supply of McDonalds.)

Here is the backstory of what happened According to TheYBF:

Ten Years Ago, a young Cleveland, OH woman named Amanda Berry, disappeared after her shift at Burger King in 2003. Missing for ten years….most assumed she was dead.

amanda berry and her sister

Fast forward to 2013, Amanda Berry was discovered Tuesday….along with TWO other women who vanished in the early 2000s. Though the “rescue” story of three women who’d all been missing for over 10 years seems like it’s made for tv news, it’s the story of their “rescuer” that has inboxes flooding.

Like Sweet Brown, there’s something about Charles Ramsey.  We don’t know if it’s the missing tooth, the combed-out hair, or the affable street corner personality….but the interview he did is certainly entertaining.

While describing a play-by-play of the rescue, Charles came up with more than a few quotables.  Although they aren’t as catchy as Sweet Brown’s one-liners, everyone around the country is talking about Charles Ramsey.  He’s HEADLINE news.

Check out some of his best one-liners and watch the interview here:

“I’ve been here a year. You see where I’m coming from? I barbecue with this dude. We eat ribs and whatnot and listen to salsa music…

“He just comes out to his backyard, plays with the dogs, tinkers with his cars and motorcycles, goes back in the house. So he’s somebody you look, then look away. He’s not doing anything, but the average stuff. You see what I’m saying? There’s nothing exciting about him. Well, until today.”

“Bro, I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway.”

“She homeless or she got problems. Only reason she runnin’ to a black man.”

Watch the interview that started it all below:

Watch the information about the missing girls:

Watch the hilarious viral music video entitled Dead Giveaway below:

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