Cher & Kathy Griffin Make Anti-Romney Campaign Ad “Don’t Let Mitt, Turn Back Time”

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Pop icon Cher and her bestie, comedian and talk show host Kathy Griffin, joined forces to spread the word about the frightening policies of Republican candidtate Mitt Romney.  Both women have a huge following in the LGBT community, so they also urged their Gays to be aware of his policies as well.  We know who Cher and Kathy are voting for…and it’s definitely not Mitt!

According to THR:

The video, “Don’t Let Mitt Turn Back Time on Women’s Rights,” features footage of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney stumping for Richard Mourdock, the U.S. Senate candidate who came under fire for saying pregnancies resulting from rape were part of God’s plan.

“Romney and his buddies are trying to turn back time on women’s rights,” Griffin says.

The video focuses on defeating Mourdock and embattled Senate candidate Todd Akin, who said in August that women’s bodies could prevent pregnancy in instances of “legitimate rape.”

“There’s a lot at stake for women and people who like and respect women,” Cher says. She calls GOP candidates’ abortion policy “sick stuff,” and also refers to Republican vp nominee Paul Ryan as “the guy who looks like Dracula.”


Watch the campaign ad and make sure you vote tomorrow!!!


Source/Pics: The Hollywood Reporter

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