Chante’ Moore Says “At This Point The R&B Diva Tour Is Not Happening”

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R&B Diva Chante Moore has come forward with a statement responding to the confirmation of the R&B Divas Tour.  Fans were so excited to hear that the ladies of R&B Divas L.A. and Atlanta, were coming together, to bring beautiful music to a venue near you.  During our 5 Part Exclusive Interview with Kelly Price, she revealed to that there will be a tour including Chante Moore, Faith Evans, Kelly Price, KeKe Wyatt, Brownstone and Dawn Robinson. Kelly also made the announcement during the R&B Divas: L.A. Reunion this week.  From what we at understand, the tour is still happening, however it has been postponed until the details are confirmed.  As far as we’ve been told, it has not been cancelled.   However, Chante Moore’s statement says that no contracts have been signed, but she is still interested in going on the tour if the promoters can get their business in order.  She also states that she has no beef with Kelly Price and business is business.  Perhaps Kelly Price and Faith Evans have signed contracts and they are waiting on confirmation from the other Divas?  We’re not sure, but we will do our best to get a definite answer for all of you deserving fans!  Let’s hope the ladies can come together and make something positive out of all of this negativity!

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Read Her Statement Below Via BIW Magazine:

Published by: “Beautifully Inspired Women’s Magazine For Women 40 & Over”

At the end of the second half of the R&B Divas L.A. Reunion, Kelly Price stunned the audience with her announcement of an “upcoming R&B Divas tourstarring herself, Faith Evans, KeKe Wyatt, Dawn Robinson, Brownstone and Chanté Moore.

As exciting as this may sound, Moore told BIW Magazine in, “The timing of this announcement startled me, and left my manager, Cheryl Cobb-Debrosse sitting on the side of the stage with her mouth wide open. While I tried very hard to keep a straight face, all I could wonder was ‘Why?’”

In reality, there was not a signed contract! In fact Moore’s manager had never received a contract at that point at all. “Not wanting to embarrass Kelly in the midst of her unofficial announcement on air, I just went with it and held my peace. I just knew that by the time the show aired this would be cleared up… but I was wrong.”

The next day, Moore’s manager rigorously searched the Internet for tour dates, but couldn’t find a thing. She then sent several emails to the promoter, his secretary, and all other contacts from the promotion company, hoping to get a response. “Eventually after five days, she received a contract via email! She reviewed the agreement and felt like it lacked too much critical information to move forward. After several additional emails and unanswered voicemail’s, she finally got a response from someone in the promoter’s office”, said Moore.

Her manager asked them for the names of the venues and routing information (everyone in the industry knows this is touring 101).  They promised to send it to her in writing, but instead she received an email saying that they didn’t feel comfortable giving her the venue information. Apparently, they hadn’t locked down all of the venues for the tour.

Two days later Moore’s manager received a call saying that the tour was to be either canceled or postponed. “Fortunately, because we hadn’t signed an agreement, we had not blocked off dates on our calendar! No harm no foul- yet. Without a signed contract, how can I honor this announcement?”

Moore continued, “For the record, please note that I would have happily participated, had the paper work and business been in order. Even now, if the promoters present a new contract and the circumstances are in order, I would still participate. It’s work and I have to feed my children. I have no beef with Kelly Price, business is business, and even if I was angry, I would still honor my commitments without strife or angst.”

“Once again, my problem is not necessarily the promoters. I’d just like to set the record straight”, said Moore.

Today Moore received several tweets, emails and links about Kelly Price’s appearances on multiple shows, including “Cnikky”. The headline reads:

“The announcements are premature and inaccurate and she knows it. It is now September 10th and we still don’t have an agreement.  I’m not saying that Kelly is or isn’t going on a R&B Divas tour, I’m just saying that Chanté Moore has not been booked to go on this tour, nor do I know when or if it is going to ever commence.”

“My name and reputation is one of integrity and dependability in this industry. I will not allow Miss Price, or anyone to mar or taint it, for any reason”, declared Moore.

“So much speculation is swirling around about the real truth on R&B Divas L.A., and if it was staged or reality. I’m saying for the record it was real! The good, the bad and the ugly! The editing was accurate and depicted the events I experienced. Kelly Price has insinuated, if there were a real conflict between she and I, why would we then go on tour together?  Well, the answer is very simple and clear: business is business! She and I would not be singing duets on the tour (if there was one).  She would have her time on stage and so would I.”

Moore went on to say, “Each and every fan that buys a ticket to any show deserves to know ahead of time, that what they’re buying a ticket for is valid. This tour, however exciting the line-up sounds, at this moment~ is not happening.”

“Hopefully, this statement will bring clarity regarding my position. It is not to malign Kelly Price or anyone involved, I always feel it necessary to speak the truth!”

By: Natasha McEachin Williams

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  • PDA

    We love Chante’ Moore & you would be better served to stay away from that head case Kelly! The only tour Kelly Price is on, is the “Damage Control PR Tour”! Her behaviour was deplorable and if she feels she was “set-up” then she should have curbed her behavior. The writing was on the wall that they wanted “more drama” without actually asking for it. Nonetheless, own it Kelly, we would respect your more!