Celebs Vote & Celebrate Obama’s Win: Beyonce, Mariah, Tyra, Ne-Yo, Mary J., Diddy, Usher, Brandy & More!

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Our favorite celebs came out in full force to support President Obama yesterday and when he won, they weren’t afraid to brag about it either.  Here’s a few pics from celebs like Beyonce, Usher, Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, Kevin Hart, Tyra Banks, Mary J. Blige and more casting their vote.  Read below to find out what folks like Diddy, Mike Epps, Star Jones and Chris Rock had to say about the historic victory…Did I mention that the election wasn’t even close 303 (Obama) to 206 (Romney)…I’m just sayin’

Tyra Banks


Usher cast his vote


Brandy and her boo Ryan Press


Mariah Carey


Michael Ealy and Lala Anthony


Keri Hilson voted in Georgia


Mary J. Blige


Kevin Hart and LeToya Luckett


Ne-Yo flew to Georgia to cast his vote, then flew back to NYC when he learned that his absentee ballot didn’t make it because of Hurricane Sandy….Dedication..Nice


Michelle Obama’s Bestie..Beyonce, joined instagram yesterday to show her love for President Obama!


Beyonce wrote an open letter to President Obama yesterday


You know CNikky had to Vote!

Check out what folks had to say after the President Won the election:

Star Jones: It is not lady-like to gloat…but tonight I feel like breaking rules! To quote #GOP #MichaelSteele, #Obama spanked that #Romney booty!

Mariah Carey: Couldn’t be more Proud of my Country…Congratulations Mr. President!!! Now let’s get back to being “These United States of America”!!! Congratulations to our beloved President Barack Obama, our spectacular First Lady Michelle Obama & the adorable Malia & Sasha. Welove you!

Diddy: It feels even better the secoond time around!!!! #obama2012

Chris Rock: No jokes I’m just happy my girls get to grow up in a better world than I did. Kenyans don’t lose races.

Whoopi Goldberg: I’m so happy, NOW that it appears Prez.Obama has WON will all you racists & nasty vitriolic angry folks GO AWAY& take your CRAP w you. We as Americans have work to do&we dont have time 4 bullshit & we don’t have time 4 ur bullshit.Prez.Obama WON& crying foul ain’t gonna fly

Lady Gaga: I JUST GOT OFF STAGE IN COLUMBIA!! CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT @barackobama We are so proud to be American tonight! YES!!! YES! YES!!

Russel Simmons: A NEW AMERICA WINS OVER BIG MONEY! I am so proud to call Barack Obama our President of the United States!


Beyonce Posted this on her Tumblr account


Diddy Celebrating with his son Justin. He posted this pic with the caption “4 More Years B*tches!”


Happy to see everyone who took the responsibility seriously!  Let the celebration continue!


Source/Pics: Getty, Instagram, Twitter, NecoleBitchie, TheYBF, Yahoo!, Tumblr

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