Bruno Mars Will Peform Halftime At The Superbowl!

Posted by: cnikky

bruno mars

Congratulations are in order for super soul singer, Bruno Mars!  He announced this weekend that he will be the big performer during halftime at the Superbowl!  This is great news for Bruno, who recently lost his mother suddenly, when she died of an aneurism.  He is known to be a dynamic performer, so I’m sure this will be a show, no to be missed!  Bruno, your angel is working hard for you in Heaven!


An announcement that Grammy winner Bruno Mars will be the halftime entertainment. Marketers touting their Big Game ad plans. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell saying there’s “more buzz around this Super Bowl” than any Super Bowl ever.

It’s only the start to the football season, but the Feb. 2 Super BowI has already scored a super amount of attention.

The Big Game buzz ratcheted up Sunday when broadcaster Fox revealed during its pregame show that Mars will take center stage as halftime performer.

“it’s just an honor,” Mars said Sunday from Fox’s live pregame show at Times Square. “We just got off tour, so being able to come to New York City and announce this is incredible.”

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