Breaking News! Donald Sterling Is BANNED From The NBA FOR LIFE & Forced To Sell The Clippers!

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It’s a catch 22 folks….the NBA Commissioner made a stand-up decision to ban racist Clipper’s owner, Donald Sterling from the NBA FOR LIFE.  He will also be forced to sell the team.  While this is a fantastic statement, Sterling still stands to profit nearly a half billion dollars off of this decision.  Magic Johnson has offered to buy the team with support from Oprah Winfrey, but we shall see.  Great decision by the NBA, too bad he will profit from his racism.


In a press conference today in NYC, Commissioner Adam Silver just levied the ultimate punishment possible for an owner.  While an NBA owner, based on the bylaws of the organization, has pretty much free rule and almost no one to answer to, the NBA has taken swift and strategic action to accomplish the goal of expelling Sterling anyway.

While according to the bylaws, an owner cannot be “fired” in the traditional sense by the Commissioner or really anyone, there are other ways to force him out.

Commissioner Silver has BANNED Donald Sterling from any and all NBA related business, functions, games, etc. for LIFE. 

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Here’s the run down:

-Silver said he will IMMEDIATELY urge the NBA’s Board of Governors to force sale of Sterling’s Clippers Team.  Owners can force sale of the team (which could possibly result in the disenfranchising of the team itself) with a 3/4 vote.

-The central findings in the investigations of the recording in question is that the voice is Sterling’s.  And the hateful opinions voiced were made by Sterling.

-Silver said that views of this kind are deeply offensive and harmful, and it’s upsetting that it occurred within an organization that has taken a leadership role in race relations.

-Commissioner Silver apologized to Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, and many others.

-Sterling is BANNED FOR LIFE.  He cannot attend any NBA games, practices, or any business involving the Clippers team.  Sterling is also barred from attending NBA Board of Governors meetings or any and all league activities. (This essentially ties his hands to be unable to perform ANY duties of an owner).

-Sterling has been fined $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the NBA constitution.  Funds will be donated to organizations focusing on diversity and inclusion, selected by NBA Players Associations.

-Commissioner Silver said he will do everything in his power to force him to sell.

-About why the NBA ignored his past KNOWN racist actions, Silver said he can’t speak on past actions. When Sterling’s current specific actions were brought to the NBA, they have acting on those.  The past legal cases were lost by the plaintiff or settled.


There is an argument that Sterling still wins, because when he sells, he will likely make a MAJOR profit as he team is now worth half a billion dollars.  He only put in $13 million ($3 mill of his own and $10 mill on “layaway” of such). So, basically….he stands to profit almost half a billion dollars.

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