Breaking News: B. Simone Will Portray Aaliyah In NEW Biopic Done By Aaliyah’s Family That Hits THEATRES In 2015!

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Oh, Boy!  We knew this biopic drama was going to get messy when Aaliyah’s family spoke out against the Wendy Williams produced biopic that Lifetime is shooting.  They had an issue with the content, the former star of the biopic Zendaya, not being consulted on the script, they believed she deserved more than a made for TV movie and they also put a stop to Lifetime being able to use some of her music.  Well, now the family has taken the matter in their own hands and they are producing a major motion picture about her life.  Written by famous ‘Zane’s Sex Chronicles,’ writer Zane.  And possibly starring Terrence Howard and Wood Harris.  But, who will play Aaliyah?  Singer/Actress B. Simone.

B. Simone


According To S2S:

For fans who haven’t been too excited about the plans Lifetime is reportedly making for its upcoming Aaliyah biopic, those associated with a different film about the singer’s life are sure their version of the movie will please.

For one thing, the feature film, expected to hit theaters in late 2015, will include favorite tracks recorded by Aaliyah before her death. In addition, there will be some never-before-released music, too.

“We’re in a position where we can do the feature film and we can do the music,” said a source close to production.

Singer B.Simone (pictured) has signed on to portray the “One in a Million” artist. Terrence Howard and Wood Harris were named as possible co-stars for the big-screen film, whose script will be written by author Zane. Most importantly, Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson, is working on the project.

Though the TV movie is expected to air later this year, those connected to the feature film don’t think that will decrease the public’s interest in the larger production.

“I think if we do our due-diligence, people will watch the TV movie and still say, ‘I need to see the feature film,’” the source said.

Aaliyah's family

I give up…. Please, somebody do this girl some justice.  Please watch B. Simone’s “impression” of Aaliyah below and tell me if you think she is worthy of portraying the late great Aaliyah.  I’m not sure if she was the right choice, but I give her props for taking the initiative to shoot her own video with costumes and choreography. That’s how you book those jobs girl!

Update: B. Simone’s Aaliyah “Tribute” has since been taken down off of youtube. However, if you CLICK HERE you can catch it at the bottom.

Watch B. Simone’s VLOG below…..

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  • Latisia

    B. Simone can’t dance!This chick is too stiff to play Aaliyah . She is not pretty enough . Her voice is annoying .I hope this is not true.

    • daniel

      its not about its about the family honoring their baby aaliyah and she look way more like her than alexandra and zandaya

  • I personally think it’s great this movie honoring the reality of Aaliyah is in the works. I just hope they capture what made her special as a spirit. Aaliyah was so limber and smooth and I think they should do what it takes it capture that in the person playing Aaliyah. Alot of people have the heart to do her proper justice, and I think if they really feel her, they’ll reflect the traits she had, either by having it in the first place or by growing into it through the hours of practice like Aaliyah did. But all in all, I hope the movie itself is a thorough one with much time focused on the dialogue so I’d say I ‘d rather wait longer to see it if it means having that as well.

  • She’s perfect for the role. I’m sure she will take the role to her advantage and make us and Aaliyah proud 🙂

  • Nun ya biddnes

    She doesn’t look like Aaliyah and Aaliyah had a soft voice.i don’t think she can pull this off cuz Aaliyah was mellow and B.simone is not.but if she is gonna do the role hopefully she can act and dance

  • I think B. Simone will be the perfect person to portray Aaliyah. We have to support our own when they step out to do something like this. If the family approves of this individual play the part of the love of their lives, we as a a people have no choice but to embrace this film and give 100% support. Give it your all B Simone! We love & miss you Aaliyah.