Braxton Family Values Season 3 Premieres Thursday, August 16th on WE!

Posted by: cnikky


The Braxton women are here and ready to bring the laughter, tears, drama and sisterly love.  This Thursday, August 16th, the beautiful Braxtons saga continues.  Toni is finding new back up singers, the break-out star Tamar is starting her pop career and planning to pop out a new baby, Trina is finally getting divorced and starting her solo career, Tawanda is getting back with her ex-maybe? Traci is getting it together and Mama Evelyn is making her mind up about love.  We’re so excited our girls are back!  Look out for Tamar and Vince’s new show that will premiere after the season finale of BFV Season 3.  Can’t wait!  Will you be watching??


Check out the sneek peek below:

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