Braxton Family Values Is Coming Back! Catch A Sneak Peek

Posted by: cnikky


Our girls are back and doing it big!  This August, Tamar, Traci, Trina, Toni, Tawanda and Mama Evelyn are coming back to WE TV for 6 hour long episodes.  This time…Tamar is actively trying to get pregnant, Trina is getting a divorce (finally!), Tawanda is back with her husband and thinking about being a surrogate for Tamar, Toni is gearing up for her new album with NEW background singers, Traci is preparing to open her hair salon in Maryland and Mama Evelyn is starting her new business as a life coach.  Looks fabulous as always.  We’ve been missing our girls!  WE TV has reality tv on lock with our favorite shows showcasing sisterly love, Braxton Family Values and Mary Mary!

Braxton Family Values Returns on Thursday, August 16th at 9pm.   Watch Below for the Sneak Peek:



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  • I can’t wait to see the new season. Do Tamar and Toni have any new videos out?