Brandy gives a revealing look into her life on VH1’s behind the music

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Brandy Norwood is preparing to release her next album in June. The formerly private star is opening up for the first time about her past relationships and the tragic car accident that changed her life forever. Here are a few excerpts from the episode of Behind the Music: Brandy. On falling in love with Wanya after he invited her to tour with Boyz II Men at age 15 I’m just in love with somebody but can’t tell them. Too young to tell him. I can’t really tell my mom because she’ll have a heart attack as a mother and manager. What will I do? One day I got the courage to tell Wanya how I felt. I just told him that I loved him and thanked him for making me feel the way I feel because I had never felt that way before. He was just like, ‘Wow.’

The relationship took a transition, and we became a couple. I was on a high. It was love. It was real love. On telling her management that she was dating Wanya Immediately everything was about my career. What are you teaching young girls? Do they fall in love at a young age? Is that wrong? Is that a sin? It just made me feel like I was all by myself and that whatever I’m feeling personally is going to have to be put to the side. [ –they had to keep their relationship a secret. For 2 years they carried on an intense secret relationship. She couldn’t hold hands, give a smooch or anything the people our age dating would normally do.] On breaking up with Wanya He fell in love with someone else. The worst feeling is to be in love all by yourself.

That feels f*cked up, honestly. It does and that’s the only way I can really put it. It felt like somebody had completely taken my heart out of my body and just crushed it. On created the Never Say Never album after her break-up with Wanya It wasn’t about just getting great songs and riding the charts. It was I need to get some sh*t off my chest. It was me really coming into my own and not being afraid to be vulnerable. Not be afraid to sing what I felt for real. On breaking the news to her family she was pregnant by Robert Smith after they had been dating a while That was something that was not okay for the Brandy brand. That wasn’t cool. I was raised with the Christian foundation that it’s a sin to get pregnant out of wedlock, that’s not allowed so I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. Everybody around me is trying to force me to get married and so I said, “Why don’t I just say I’m married? Because I don’t want to get married. So why don’t I just say it.” It was the biggest mistake I had ever made. Brandy on Robert outing her on Wendy Williams and revealing that they were never married If I was woman enough to lay down and get pregnant by someone then I should’ve been woman enough to admit that that’s what took place. I’m telling my team and everybody around me I have to say I’m sorry. “No, no, no you can’t say that you’re sorry. We have to twist this and turn it. Although, at the time I wished that he would’ve taken a different approach but I’m glad he didn’t looking back because to be able to tell that truth and to now live that truth with a beautiful daughter at my hip, I feel much better about myself that I can come clean and say ’I was afraid. I was scared. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do.” The lie about being married was the fall of my career. Everything changed.

Everything changed. On her involvement in a tragic car accident The day the accident happened it was just a gloomy, gloomy day. Something wasn’t right in the air. I was just driving home, and it happened. It was a blur, and it was one of those experiences that you wish would never happen to anybody. But it did, and it was one of the worst times in my life. Someone lost their life and now everyone is saying that I’m the one to blame. Regardless if it was my fault or not my fault, I was involved in something that caused someone their life. Whoever’s fault it was, I was in it. I would hear what people would say and still to this day people know that that’s a button. They know that they can call me a murderer or call me someone that killed someone. They know that that is a button for me. A murderer is someone who premeditates it. I didn’t wake up that day to be involved in a fatal car crash. I didn’t plan for that, and if I could take it back I would. [–In December of 2007 after a year long investigation prosecutors found that it was insufficient evidence to charge Brandy with any crimes.] I just wanted people to know that this wasn’t news. It’s not something that should be talked about like it’s gossip. If you don’t like me, fine. But don’t use this situation to try to hurt me because the guilt of being involved is enough and it’s something that I will never truly, truly get over ever.

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