Bill Clinton Joins Kobe & Vanessa Bryant For The Opening Of Their New Homeless Shelter In Hollywood

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Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Bryant recently opened a new homeless shelter called Step Up On Vine.  The couple vowed to help the homeless youth in Los Angeles and this was their first big project.  Fresh from the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, former President Bill Clinton also stopped by to bring some positive attention to the great cause.

For those of you who are not aware, the homeless situation in Los Angeles has reached epic proportions.  Before moving here, I had never seen anything like it.  God Bless Kobe and Vanessa for doing something about it.

Vanessa posted on her Instagram:

“Tonight Kobe and I joined former President Clinton as we celebrated the grand opening of Step Up on Vine, a permanent supportive housing project in Hollywood as a part of our commitment to end youth homelessness through the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. #KVBFF”



“It means so much to Kobe and I to be able to see how Step Up on Vine will directly impact young people by not only providing food, clothes and shelter but by offering vital services addressing their overall health and life skills. The building is amazing and has a Platinum Leed Certification. So happy to see this vision come to life! For more info please visit #KVBFF”


The facility looks great and will get so many people off of the streets.

Kobe also spread the word on his new twitter page.


“Great event with President Clinton and @KVBFF for renovation of Step Up on Vine!”

The couple held a press conference last year to announce their efforts to help the homeless and it looks as though they are keeping their word! Here’s what they said last year:

Via Huffington Post

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant met with the press today at My Friend’s Place, a haven for homeless youth based in Hollywood, to announce their intention to “help [homeless youth] kick butt” and build self-sufficient lives. The couple are forming a new charity initiative, the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation (KVBFF), to eradicate youth homelessness in Los Angeles. Bryant admitted that he and Vanessa still need a lot more education on issues of youth homelessness, but what he has learned so far has made a huge impact. Between 7,000 and 10,000 of LA’s homeless are under the age of 24, a fact that Bryant said “shocked the hell out of me.” He mentioned that as a father of two, the problem just “hits home more.”

“On my way to games, I noticed children and families living on the streets blocks away from where I play,” Bryant elaborated in a printed statement.

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