Beyonce Shows Support For Michelle Obama in This Viral Video

Posted by: cnikky


Beyonce Knowles decided to show her support for her friend, First Laday Michelle Obama.  Last month, she posted an appreciation letter to the First Lady on her website in which she praised her for inspiring and empowering her as well as being a great mother, wife and First Lady.   To show support for President Obama and his re-election campaign, Beyonce created a viral video that features her talking about the letter she wrote to Michelle.

Before, she reads contents of the letter, Beyonce explains:

I wrote a letter to the First Lady because I wanted her to know that I am very grateful for everything that she is doing for our country and women around the world.

In addition to the original contents of the letter, Beyonce also added, ‘I am so in awe of Michelle Obama. Every time I see her, she inspires me, she empowers me to live a healthy lifestyle, to support our veterans.


Watch The Video Below:



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