Beyonce Makes History With Over 1 Billion People Sending In Positive Messages For World Humanitarian Day

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Queen Bey is at it again, but this time, she’s doing it for the good of humanity!  Beyonce released her “I Was Here” video in honor of World Humanitarian Day this past weekend, and additionally asked people around the world to pledge (via posting a message on her World Humanitarian Day website) the small nice act they will do for someone else.

In turn, over 1 billion people answered the call to do “good” for others.  And an exact 1,029,763,492 BILLION messages were sent.

Andrew Essex, chief executive of the World Humanitarian company, told Yahoo News on Sunday, “This could arguably be the largest mobilisation of good intention in web history, an amazing coming together of celebrity, brands and NGOs.Think of it as ‘We Are The World’ for the social media generation”.

Watch the video here:

The Kenzo Digital & Sophie Muller-directed video showcases Beyonce belting out her Diane Warren-penned song on stage in a white mini-sequined floor length Marc Bouwer gown (Pre-Fall collection).  And images of kids and adults helping others all around the world are flashed on a large screen behind her.

We’re so proud of you Beyonce’ and everyone who is lending a hand to make the world a better place.


Via: TheYBF

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